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  1. OMG! Roller coaster ride here. Hyperextended knee for know. Cross fingers it's only that.
  2. Raptors announcers said knee contusion. Done for the night but the broadcast showed him on the bench but in his warmups.
  3. Are you kidding me with this? He got hit in the right eye again. Batum's elbow this time. Off to the locker room but it doesn't look as bad as the eye poke. edit: available to return per Raptors broadcast. *whew* C'mon OG! Put on ze goggles!!!
  4. I lost 4-5 last week on a measly .001% with FG% (.466 to .467). Rock solid FG% Richaun Holmes somehow goes 2/7 yesterday. Dillon Brooks 0/5 and Kenrich Williams' 2/8 sealed the deal On to the next one...
  5. Rondo and Ingram got INJ this season on Yahoo for their fight against the Rockets, so there's hope. edit: nevermind. Reading that thread, they were originally INJ then Yahoo corrected it to O. Can't believe I'm gonna have to drop if it's a lengthy suspension (it's playoffs right now).
  6. Bro! Why you gotta punch Chriss at the end of 3rd??? Now he's probably gonna miss multiple games. If he doesn't get an INJ tag I'm seriously considering dropping him for Bam just to stay alive (it's playoffs this week). Damn man!!! WTF????
  7. Dropped for Reggie Jackson... this one stings. Good luck to everyone here. And one more time... Wakanda Forever!
  8. Venting my injury luck the last 2 seasons. Boogie last season... LeVert and now Dipo this season. Gary, Baze and General Soreness missing a chunk of games. And somehow I thought, with the luck I've been having, it was smart to play with fire and draft AD. Oh... LeBron down in another league. *deep breath... scream*
  9. Ok... this is just hitting me hard right now. He was my favorite sleeper pick a couple of seasons ago when he got traded from OKC and made the All-Star team with the Pacers. That nearly won me the chip that season. Loved watching his games and how fearless he is. Last season, I also had Boogie go down with the Achilles... now AD is hurt, and not only is Dipo hurt but I was really really hyped to see him play against Orlando next week. Then there was that knee issue tweet / rumor from a guy named Corey Elliott back in December and a lot of people (including me), laughed it off.
  10. Yahoo usually puts "OFS" (Out for Season) tag before we can drop can't cut list players.
  11. Video here: https://streamable.com/1fh4o I can't see it clearly but it looks like his kneecap was sticking out??? Ah man...I have tickets to Magic vs. Pacers next week. Was gonna cheer him on
  12. Welp... I also have AD. Been fun a season. *dead*
  13. 2-4 weeks doesn’t that bad. I’m more worried about the Pelicans possibly falling behind the playoff race after that timeline. Assuming worst case AD takes max 4 weeks to recover... do the Pels shut him down or does Rich Paul then tell them AD sits longer until he gets traded?
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