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  1. Late to the party but this definitely would have been my choice.. thanks for the help with mine
  2. Higgins MJJ/Pittman if staff out Ebron for me thanks for the help on mine
  3. Seeing Aiyuk ranked ahead of Lockett all over the place.. but pick 2 out of these. 0.5 PPR Aiyuk v Dallas Lockett v Was Gallman v Cle Thanks and post link
  4. Grab Wilson, but would try to hold off as long as possible for an update on Jones thanks for the help on mine
  5. Also a change.. gallman v browns, cards was last week
  6. I’m leaning team 1, but team 2 doesn’t have a TE listed either.. if that’s kelce or Andrew’s could change things thanks for the help on mine
  7. I should have included that it’s 0.5 ppr.. still gallman?
  8. Need to pick my flex for this week.. have it down to these 2.. Gallman v ARI Aiyuk v DAL Thanks and post link
  9. Gio for me.. Akers close second but going with the matchup v Dallas thanks for the help with mine
  10. I would save it, nothing there worth wasting it on in my opinion. thanks for the help on mine
  11. I would lean Carolina here.. lock just turns it over sooo much you have better options than me.. help here?
  12. Have been rolling with MIA def so far.. not this week v chiefs. lots of def have been stashed, here’s what left. Hou (v Chi) NE (v LAR) Cin (v Dal) thanks and post link
  13. Debating between David Johnson and Juju.. RB's going back in to the draft include Conner, Cook, Penny, Ronald Jones + The rookies (CEH, Taylor) I pick 4th so one of those guys is going to be there.. WHIR
  14. Sorry I should add if Monty's out I'd roll with Howard.. Haskins just too scary for me to play terry
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