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  1. I kinda think Keke here. ATL is not a great matchup for RB and I think they use McCoy or Vaughn.
  2. I like Cook vs KC with Brees & no MT Second one is tough, I think I may lean Gallman
  3. If I had to rank I would go 1. Connor 2. Pollard 3. Gus I just think this is the week that Connor kind of gets right even if he doesn't get into the endzone I think they will try to feed him like 15+ to get him ready for the playoffs
  4. Holy yikes lol. I guess I pick Knox of those maybe Dissley second
  5. Standard scoring. I had Herbert and Ekeler go already and my opponent had Jacobs and Allen but still has Tyreke Hill, Watson, and Dalvin cook left so I may need to go higher upside Patrick vs BUF - he has been fine but a lot of his points seem to come off TDs DJ moore @ GB - Would feel a lot better if samuel is out but he's coming off COVID/ankle and its not the best matchup Sanders vs KC - No Thomas and Brees back means he could get a lot of volume but kind of a meh matchup also or could go Coutee @ IND since my opponent has Watson and he had a big game 2 weeks ago
  6. Was going to post the exact question because taysom has outscored herbert the last 3 weeks and I'm torn. Really want to ride with herbert but it's close
  7. washington I think could be the safest floor, I just don't trust any baltimore running back still
  8. Davis has been really solid lately I think I would go with him especially if its standard
  9. Standard scoring Chark vs TEN - did ok in his first game against them but has been awful lately ANtonio brown vs MIN - his best matchup by far this season but a lot of target competition Deebo vs Washington - Been solid when he's healthy but kind of a meh ceiling in standard or could also go Tim Patrick @ CAR over all of them
  10. Same decision, it's tough but I think I am going Goedert just because Matt ryan almost always plays awful with julio out https://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/832010-pick-3-rb-whir/
  11. Standard scoring, pick 3: Mike davis @ min Ekeler @ Bu Damien harris vs az Gallman @ cin Drake @ ne
  12. I mean its close. I would maybe give slight edge to Herbert just because weather is going to be less of a factor in all his games plus I would say the Packers will end up with more rushing TDs(Aaron JOnes & Jamal Williams) than the chargers do when they get in close
  13. Standard scoring Fuller vs NE - meh matchup but should have chances Chark vs PIT - they are not great vs receivers but Luton could be terrible this game Moore @ DET - good matchup but backup quarterback is starting
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