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  1. Ok so it looks like there's about six weeks before the trading deadline. Plus, if I read the rules correctly, there's only 4 keepers for next season. So any team can be turned around fairly quickly. I would like to take a chance with the team. My email address is jmaclives4sports@yahoo.com
  2. Couple questions. Is it a free league? Plus, since there's only 20 teams in the league, will we be using players that only played for the other 10 non-league teams in this league as free agents?
  3. I sent you an email a few hours ago about my interest in joining the league.
  4. Send me some more information. The roster and anything else that could help me make a decision on joining. j m a c f g c s at yahoo dot com
  5. I was just checking out your website. I'm unfortunately not interested in joining. Could you remove jmacbball from the site. Thanks and good luck with the league.
  6. I'm interested. Please email me an invite at jmaclives4sports@yahoo.com Thanks!
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