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  1. I don't see a real reason to do this, and when I'm faced with that decision I usually hold off - it probably ends up being more beneficial to the other team and you just end up trading just to trade If Bell isn't going to be a starter for your team (and unclear how he will look post injury, already looked bad), id probably hold off That being said, if he still wants to do this post Davante's bye (which basically gives you one free week of production out of combined Adams/Julio) I'd consider doing it
  2. TRADE 1 - GIVE: Drake / Bell GET: Hunt / D.Johnson -> which D Johnson is this? I probably hold here unless it's Diontae and maybe David - I think you're bottoming out on Drake/Bell unless you need production ASAP TRADE 2 - GIVE: L.Bell OR Mostert GET: AJ.Brown OR Boyd -> Id consider Bell for Brown but I like having more RBs, esp in 0.5 ppr - would hold off here too TRADE 3 - GIVE: J.Robinson GET: Thielen -> very very tempting, I think I do this tbh, Thielen's value got hurt after slow Vikings start, I love JRob but this is fair value. Think I do this one
  3. Wow his team is in shambles Obviously if you can swing a 3 for 1 of some sort, that would be big but doubt he goes for that. Something like Hurst/Galloday for Kelce/Slayton would definitely be fair, Hurst/DK as well. Carson straight up also probably fair. Unclear if he goes for those, though
  4. Need 40 pts tonight between Matt Ryan, Hayden Hurst, and one of MVS or Russell Gage - who should I slot in for that last slot in PPR to replace Davante Adams? WHIR with link
  5. Close - but I think im going McKinnon in 0.5 PPR. He can play, NYG is bad, and he's the guy in the backfield of a run-focused offense. Plus Mullins out might mean more check downs too. Think Shenault's a talent but Minshew spreads it around Help mine?
  6. Clyde, Taylor, Connor I understand the appeal of JRob, but I think those three guys you gotta roll with on talent basis. I think Connor vs Robinson is the tossup if you want to swap around - think you won't go wrong with either Help mine?
  7. tbh i like crowder but if you need to play someone this week for a fill in you could do much worse than Shenault - plus probably close ROS anyways Help mine?
  8. Wow, tough one 100%. I'm an Akers believer but also wouldn't be surprised if it takes 8 weeks - if you're not starting either you can afford to wait. I think I go keeping Kelley if not for the fact that you don't need to do this trade and it's close to a true toss-up. Im targeting Akers in leagues where I'm up fwiw. But I generally think the risks with Kelley are starting to get understated (Ekeler is still the guy, Herbert at QB, 2 wk sample size, return of josh jackson) Help mine?
  9. would swap pittman for Shenault Jr, if not for the fact that you get Minshew at QB vs Rivers at QB, think they play from behind more and/or sling it more in JAX. THink Shenault is more talented imo too
  10. It's tough, I know Minshew gets knocked for the Chark absence, but I think you gotta roll with him in that matchup vs Watson against a tough PIT D. I guess I'd also put it this way: Watson for floor, Minshew for upside Help mine?
  11. I like Shenault as much as the next guy, but I sleep a lot better at night cuffing the likes of Cook, Kamara, Zeke, etc - I know it feels like you're burning a bench spot, but the downside is ur out ur RB1. I always think of it this way: if someone said they could guarantee ur RB spot regardless of injury at the cost of 1 bench spot, would you do it? I always go yes - esp since Mattison has proved he can be the guy if needed Help mine?
  12. WR def weakest but you probably knew that and makes sense if you have Kelce. Hold the course with Watson, he's had a tough sched so far but gets a lot easier. If you can upgrade at WR id look into it, but I think the team doesnt have glaring deficiencies even if I dont love OBJ at the WR2 slot Help mine?
  13. Green > Shenault >>> Wilson Jr Is how I would rank them at least Help mine?
  14. This is a tough one Kittle >>>>>>>> Cook Devante >>>> Moore I think it's a true coin flip, and esp if you have Gesicki too I don't feel like the incremental value of adding Kittle is that great. Im biased towards declining 50/50 trades when Im giving up the best player, which is Devante, esp when it's not filling a need or anything Help mine?
  15. Yeah that's a HR if you can get Godwin for that. Help mine?
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