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  1. I expressed interest in Wander Franco and was offered this trade. I think its way too much. The guy who has Franco given up a lot for him so I think he is reaching. Thoughts...WHIR Get: Carlos Rodon, Wander Franco, Adalberto Mondesi, Triston McKenzie, 2022 Round 17 Pick Give: Bichette, Bauer, Corbin, Pablo Lopez, 2022 Round 3 pick
  2. I took over the team in my signature this year. This is a keeper league where you can keep any 6 players for as long as you want. As you can see my team is pretty weak and I am thinking about going for a strategy of acquiring top prospects. The owner of Wander Franco has stated he would be interested in Bo Bichette and draft picks to acquire him. It would probably be a 1st and 2nd round pick next year to get it done. Should I go for something like this with the idea of being able to have Wander Franco for as long as I choose? WHIR.
  3. Team in signature. Need to drop one to meet roster limit by tomorrow. Who should it be?
  4. I took over the team in my signature this year. Had 6 keepers that are denoted. I know this team needs some work but I think I had a decent draft. WHIR.
  5. yes its redraft...I guess I just got lucky and will beat everyone
  6. 12 team head to head draft. I had 8th pick and think I did pretty good C Realmuto, 1B Voit, Lowe 2B Hiura, Villar SS Turner, Adames 3B Machado, Riley OF Yelich, Blackmon, Meadows, D. Smith, Gallo, Dozier, Canha, Eaton, Heyward, Polanco, Renfroe Util Framil Reyes SP Snell, Strasburg, P Lopez, Montas, Price, Odorizzi SP Diaz, Hand, Montero, Kimbrel WHIR
  7. 12 Team Head to Head Keeper League. Need to decide on 4-6 keepers. If I keep less than 6 I get extra draft picks. I realize this team needs work so I am hoping I can make it up with a great draft. I am taking over this team for the first time this season. I am thinking to keep Bauer, Bichette, Hiura, Bohm, Gallen, Dom Smith C D' Arnaud 1B D. Smith, Vogelbach 2B K. Marte, Hiura 3B Bohm, K. Seager SS Bichette, Anderson, Gregorius OF Springer, Util Soler SP Bauer, Gallen, Cody, D. Peterson, Freeland, Houck RP Watson, Melacon, Greene, B. Garc
  8. I’d be interested. Would this be a money league at any point?
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