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  1. Was just offered a team's 1st rd pick for Aaron Gordon which would be the 2nd overall pick. Essentially id be trading Aaron Gordon and would likely draft either Deandre Ayton, Luca Doncic, or Marcus Bagley would you guys do this???
  2. Who would you choose ROS...im targeting sacramento players because 2 are on waivers, bogdan will be cheap and they play on days during playoffs that my current players do not. Can add atleast 3 games to my week to get a better advantage. So Bogdan vs skal vs justin jackson???
  3. thanks for the help guys. nurk too young to give up on i think i will try to get howard, gallo, tobias without giving up nurkic.
  4. your making me rethink my gallo trade...forgot about his injuries I see you have millsap as well coming back for the playoffs.....turner is gonna make you dominant in blocks but you will lost points. if you really need points and 3s you could do the trade and pick up a streamer for 3s or just look for other trade options that would boost 3s while not giving up as many points in beasley and gallo
  5. 7 cat - currently last in FTs with Deandre Jordan and a few other poor FT shooters
  6. hes also got teague and tobias which he would unload if you think thats better. I cant trade isaiah for a bag of peanuts so im gonna hold him unfortunately
  7. Id be receiving Howard and Gallinari...is it worth it or which would you rather have? Each team keeps 8 players (total of 80 players). 1st rd is equal to picks 81-90. My 1st rd pick will be between 7-10 of 1st rd.
  8. i do no like that deal ill choose the capela wall side
  9. thad for me. i feel carroll gets traded to a contender near the deadline and his value drops http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/686376-elfrid-payton-trade-value-question-plus-batum-vs-jaylen/
  10. I made the mistake of drafting some fg killers at the guard spot. simply undervalued some guys draft day that I thought I could wait for. Im stuck with batum, justin holiday, and DSJ, etc - its a dynasty league so DSJ will not be traded. Ive been monitoring Elfrid payton....where do you think his current value is? his FG% is considerably higher than i remember years past and his assists are nice boost as well. back up option would be collison - both players are on teams that are 1-5 and riddled with injuries so there season is pretty much over.
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