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  1. Yahoo has already updated his status to 'Out.'
  2. Not starting him this week. May not start him again this season.
  3. This is the man that convinced me to scoop Perine last week. I trust him. He is trustworthy.
  4. OK, this doesn't have to be hard. Nobody's saying his goal line performance is a positive. I'm saying his goal line OPPORTUNITIES are a positive. Unless you're arguing that not getting those opportunities to begin with would've been a better outcome, I'm not sure what we're doing here.
  5. Like I said, getting the opportunity is a good thing. The outcome clearly wasn’t. Maybe Carrol pulls the plug on McKissic’s red zone carries, maybe he doesn’t — but getting that work Monday night is obviously a better sign than if he hadn’t. That’s not spin, it’s a straightforward observation.
  6. I’d say getting stuffed at the goal line is better than not being trusted at the goal line to begin with. The opportunities are encouraging.
  7. Grabbed him. Odds are better than not that he becomes another skeleton in my RB flex boneyard (Burkhead, Rod Smith, Henry), but when your best active player at the position is Perine, you need these upside stashes.
  8. Lousy time to drop CJ imo. New OCs typically shake things up, and the easiest shake up, outside of QB, would be ending the RB committee and allowing a lead back to establish a rhythm. I’m not sure whether this benefits Booker or Anderson, but it’s worth keeping or acquiring shares of both just to see what happens this week.
  9. I’ll probably add him, but these dart throw RB3s are killing me inside.
  10. The Lions that generate loads of turnovers and defensive TDs (including a fumble recovery for a score against Chicago).
  11. Given the scarcity of stud WRs this season? Yeah, I'd say so.
  12. The DB made a great play on the ball with one of those drops. Lowered his helmet into Dede's hands just as he was turning downfield.
  13. Diggs put up 5/83 against Detroit last time. Granted this game will be on the road. I'm still starting him in case he flashes.
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