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  1. Looks revitalized on the Clips and much more assured in a swiss army knife role he has thrived in on teams like Portland. You think he can hold onto the starting spot and hold value for 14 team leagues?
  2. Damn.. Out for what could be a number of weeks with his back
  3. Between Hill and Wesley Matthews to cover this up one would think, Hill probably getting the larger boost. Brook probably gets a large boost too in offensive usage
  4. Hart's issue has always been health related and, a small limp yesterday from a fall aside, he looked really good. A great rebounder for his position and a key guy to stretch the floor for them, I totally see him getting 25-28 minutes most nights. I picked him up for the end of my bench in both a 12 and 14 team league and will be giving him some time there to see how it shakes out.
  5. I would definitely get Lance for Barton in a vacuum and 8 isn't too high a waiver so yeah do it
  6. You'll definitely win fg, Reb and blocks most weeks. Assists will be a toss up depending on opponent though you'll likely do well in turnovers. I actually think you have one too many bigs and I'd look to flip DJ for a mid round point guard like Rubio Help here
  7. Thanks, yeah Zion was taken and then Trae (who I was targeting) but Kemba a nice consolation prize. I do have a trade offer in which I can get Jaren Jackson Jr. for Chris Paul which is interesting but I'm not sure. Paul has the higher ceiling but uncertainty in health and team situation makes it something I am thinking about doing
  8. You are pretty set with steals with the rest of your squad otherwise which is Mikal's best asset. I think you are better of sticking with Herro at this moment. Please help here:
  9. Hey, My keepers were Kawhi and Jrue from last year and this is a 14-team H2H in which I drafted 3rd. I think I did pretty well though thoughts would be helpful NO. PLAYER ROUND
  10. Dedmon has been well inside the top 100 all year, no way should be left on the wire. On topic though Jahlil should be a good source of pts reb and fg% for however long AD is out.perfect streamer and I have grabbed him everywhere
  11. I have been thinking the exact same thing and it has been worrying me. Teodosic and his contract is the perfect kicker to add in a deal as a sweetener. Hope it doesn't happen but have one eye constantly on the Clippers trade rumours. Heck even if they don't ship him specifically, if they were to bring another guard back that is also a concern. Everything is a bit up the in air
  12. I personally wouldn't, I really like Kemba and he is unquestioned as the alpha on that team. With Batum also being wonky in his health I don't see CP3 being better than him this year. I also don't know when your playoffs are but Charlotte would have 4 games in my finals week which is great.
  13. I just made the following trade in my team below. I wanted to ensure my dominance in a number of categories while not risking any Embiid injuries later on so I just did this trade. What do you guys think: Send Taurean Prince, Atl SF Send Allen Crabbe, Bkn SG Send Joel Embiid, Phi C Receive Jimmy Butler, Min SG Receive Nikola Vucevic, Orl C Receive Dennis Smith Jr., Dal PG I feel like I bought low on Butler and Dennis Smith overall given what I was able to get otherwise. I know it weakens me in blocks now but it has been a pretty volatile category
  14. I've been keeping a strong eye on Hill as he has been sitting on the waiver in a couple of my leagues. Just need him to consistently show some sign of life. Picked him up in a 14 teamer
  15. I would keep J Rich and I also have a hard time believing he would be the worst guy on your team unless it is a pretty shallow league. Gay should definitely be added and you could do it for J Rich but I would wanna see the rest of the squad
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