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  1. Same her. Manager dropped him half an hour ago?
  2. Maledon got the INJ tag in seconds which could mean he was tested positive. Even more work for Bazley.
  3. "As the game kept going, I felt good," Embiid explained. "I wasn't all the way there, but I was just trying to push to make sure we get a chance. I feel good. I'll see how it feels tomorrow when I wake up, but I should be good." https://www.si.com/nba/76ers/news/sixers-joel-embiid-positive-update-knee-loss-blazers?src=rss&utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter
  4. This will have to be the case. You have to take into account that also their ppd games could be in jeopardy when their opponent have problems with Covid later this season. Such a tight schedule.
  5. I see, the trade was finalized a couple of minutes ago 🙄
  6. General question: Can the new guys play this week on their teams? The NFL had a covid transition period with a couple of negative tests before playing.
  7. This guys value will be plummeting so hard in points leagues.
  8. I really like this outcome for Dipo and Wall. Could be a great 1-2 punch without Harden in the backfield.
  9. Im chillin. Was just a question if there is anyone important behind him.
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