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  1. Ye I own Kat and AD in different leagues and would definitely keep AD or trade for him if possible. He will be showing ppl that he’s Worth the next big contract or worth teaming up with for a championship run wherever he is next season. Watch some games of both teams and it’s night and day between those two. Pls help
  2. I’d take the Beal side after what I’ve seen from butler this year. Very up and down and always injured when u need him. Obviously u are losing in the Collins vs Lopez but it’s not as bad as it seems cause Lopez gets amazing 3s out of position and great blocks. If u don’t mind losing some rebounds I like the Beal side Pls help:
  3. Do it fast before it’s gone lol wouldn’t even be close for me. Westbrook is way too inefficient unless u play with no % pls help:
  4. I think it’s close, I would keep Whiteside if u need C stats. He can beast if they need to make up some ground for playoff position. Or he can be benched lol if u need low FG scoring and some sg stats take it pls help:
  5. KD side seems like it has much more potential with established values. Butler is a big injury risk to me considering his past pls help with my question:
  6. Hi everyone, looking to get some feedback from anyone. Which side do you think wins this trade? Lowry been playing ok but not great but Beal has been pretty awesome since Wall went down. They are ranked pretty closely in our league but who will have the biggest impact come fantasy playoffs? thanks, Alec
  7. As a Shroeder owner I feel u. Is there no one else u can drop instead? I own both now and been happy with Murray while getting trashed by Dennis last month. Pls help with my trade:
  8. Not sure here. If your guards score 20 points per game each and the two Cs score 10 each, you would be down 20 fantasy points right away. Then let’s say each C pulls down 10 rebounds each and we are now even, but each guard gets a good amount of assists and steals while also shooting 3s. Sure those DDs are nice but it’s only extra 2 points. I would probably stay with the guards in a points league but it’s not too bad if u need Cs. pls help with my trade:
  9. For rest of season : DSJ D Mur Baze i like the potential of DSJ and his team might try to get him to make some noise in the rookie of the year voting to show other free agents that there is a good base there if they sign. Pls help with my trade:
  10. Yeah Curry all the way! Getting a top 5 player for a top 15 player. Nurk is good but not playing enough mins and his coach doesn’t seem to like him. pls help with my trade:
  11. I like Chris much more . pho needs to evaluate their young players much more now that they have fired the coach and he already had proven to be able to do good if given the playing time just in the last few weeks. Gets 3s, rebounds and blocks. While Allen is in Brooklyn where no one plays big mins and has to share the C spot with Okafor also. I like the minutes outlook for Chris more and he’s also a more proven commodity. pls help with my trade
  12. Yes as other said I also got refer the Lillard / Markanen combo due to the uncertainty of what Tyreke will do in his new situation which will most likely be not as appealing as the current one. A playoff team will probably try to get Tyreke to help them and they will surely have more pieces than Mem. pls help with my trade offer
  13. Please Need some help! Should I trade my Devin Booker for Ben Simmons? kinda want to do this deal cause Booker and shroeder have been killing my fg% recently. But now that he’s been moved to PG and scores more points and threes , not sure what if it’s a good deal for me or not??? 10 team Yahoo roto league my team: CP3, shroeder,Mitchell,d RUSSELL, d Murray, Towns, ibaka, chriss, draymond,w c Stein, Milsap , Booker , markanen, Tatum
  14. While many were down on Ibaka including some manager in my league, i was able to trade for him and am now enjoying the rewards of my gamble. I traded Darren Collison for Ibaka a few weeks ago in a roto league (have lots of assists , but needed a C). Anyone one think this level of play is sustainable for the whole season? Hes not doing too much of anything, just efficient and doesn't turn the ball over much.
  15. While I agree with some of you who don’t like ibaka cause he doesn’t get many counting stats and doesn’t dominate in anything. What I like about him is that he’s one of the top Cs at shooting 3s, 130+ , and he’s a great shot blocker at the same time 130+blocks for the season. All this while shooting an amazing FT%. All the other Cs that shoot 3s, get blocks and shoot a good FT% are early round studs.
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