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  1. They'll win people the 'ship just like what jags did last year. book it.
  2. idk if i've posted this but Dunder Mixon Beets by Trey Trey Level Midnight in lieu of The Office.
  3. Beets by Trey Threat Leveon Midnight The Office puns.
  4. This hood brawl might've costed me a playoff spot. He will be on my DnD list along with Matt Ryan from years ago with his 5 int game against the cardinals. smh.
  5. Sent him some papa john's goodies to compensate for the loss in profit.
  6. Is this guy worth the stash for non marshawn lynch owners?
  7. Holding. I remember when i had O'dell Beckham his rookie year.... get some rest young man.
  8. i'm 2-0 in the three leagues i'm in. one of which i drafted DJ... feeling good but it's a long way to go.
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