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  1. Was it Popovich the mastermind of load management? I seem to recall the Spurs era of Parker, Duncan and Manu always making the playoffs and players resting on the last 2 weeks prior to the post season
  2. Call bullsheet, only real injury is Donovan Mitchell. Others are bogus for b2b rest. NBA needs to launch an investigation into dangers of the sport. Too many players are risking their limbs and lives
  3. I was so annoyed with all the b2b absences before coming across this. NBA has become a joke. Fine all the teams for each player rested each day
  4. That I agree with. In 12-14+ Leagues many mediocre players get rostered
  5. With playoffs nearing, Jazz will be uber careful to make sure he’s in good health and avoid rushing return. Sucks for fantasy managers but that’s what’s going to happen
  6. JJJ. Hasn’t played all season. Will need conditioning, minutes limited, no b2b, team chemistry gelling, potential reinjury
  7. Lowry is worth claiming. 2 games output is better than 3-4 games from any streamer, and also consider Raptors sitting the likes of FVV, Siakam or OG which means even more usage
  8. Who is Jafro? Can’t find players named J Afro, Jaf Ro, Ja Fro
  9. Sabonis is money. Their system is perfectly suited for his passing abilities and complements well along side Turner. Definitely gonna try to draft him next season.
  10. This will be his fourth triple double campaign but with the lowest points scored. Amazing achievement. Unfortunately he doesn’t get enough recognition and too many haters to even finish in the top 5
  11. Hope is minor and he has exceptional healing abilities. Really bad timing with Holmes on IR, LaVine 10-14 days safety protocol, Mitchell and news out that Lillard has hammy issues. And out of moves this week so I can't even grab Joe Ingles. I am feeling like the way a baby treats a diaper.
  12. I've found myself during the draft when a target player(s) are taken right before my turn. Clock ticking. Unsure who to pick due to lack of prior draft research. And I end up taking someone due to name recognition who is aging with bad knees and will make my dump pick list lol.
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