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  1. Gafford is the safer play. 4 games and no b2b
  2. Daniel Gafford is the safest play. None of the 4 games are b2b. Drop Daniels. Keep an eye is Stewart’s minutes remain in mid 20’s and severity of Williams injury. William is out for tomorrow’s game so 4 game week is 3 and with b2b it could be a 2 game week. If your team is desperate for rebounds and blocks to advance, make the moves
  3. Santoransky is playing Mon, Wed, Thu, Sat Rubio plays Tue, Wed, Sat Rubio is marginally better at assists and steals compared to Santoransky but his extra game makes it negligible You can try: Add Santoransky for Mon, then flip to Rubio for Tue, Wed, then back to Santoransky for Thu, Sat. That’s 3 moves 5 games If TJ McConnell is available, he’s the best choice and plays 4 games next week. As for Birch, try to pick him up on the latter part of the week
  4. Team in signature. Injuries/Covid to Holmes, LaVine, Hunter and Mitchell. My team is average on rebounds, steals and assists. Strong in shooting percentages, 3pts, scoring. Above avg in blocks. Playoffs start a week from tomorrow so there’s some time for injured players to return. I’m #1 seed. No bye week. Looking to add Isaiah Stewart or Daniel Gafford or both. Obvious drop is Taurean Prince. If I add both, other drop candidate is Thaddeus Young, maybe Hunter. Appreciate opinions if I should grab both Stewart and Gafford, one over the other, and who to drop. Thanks.
  5. Was it Popovich the mastermind of load management? I seem to recall the Spurs era of Parker, Duncan and Manu always making the playoffs and players resting on the last 2 weeks prior to the post season
  6. Call bullsheet, only real injury is Donovan Mitchell. Others are bogus for b2b rest. NBA needs to launch an investigation into dangers of the sport. Too many players are risking their limbs and lives
  7. I was so annoyed with all the b2b absences before coming across this. NBA has become a joke. Fine all the teams for each player rested each day
  8. That I agree with. In 12-14+ Leagues many mediocre players get rostered
  9. With playoffs nearing, Jazz will be uber careful to make sure he’s in good health and avoid rushing return. Sucks for fantasy managers but that’s what’s going to happen
  10. JJJ. Hasn’t played all season. Will need conditioning, minutes limited, no b2b, team chemistry gelling, potential reinjury
  11. Lowry is worth claiming. 2 games output is better than 3-4 games from any streamer, and also consider Raptors sitting the likes of FVV, Siakam or OG which means even more usage
  12. Who is Jafro? Can’t find players named J Afro, Jaf Ro, Ja Fro
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