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  1. 100% on AD and Simmons. DeRozan is interesting. Dual SG/PG eligibility, efficient volume FG/FT 20+ scorer, good assists and above avg rebounder for SG. 4 plus cats but lacking 3's is something I am willing accept if the first few picks are volume 3pts like Steph, Lillard, Harden, Beal, PG13, LaVine, Mitchell, etc.
  2. Drafting at the #8 spot, I almost grabbed LeBron but I am glad I went with Damien Lillard. At 36 yrs old, and 18 yrs logging heavy minutes in his career, LBJ's performance is unmatched. However, his second half injuries are concerning. He will not be on my DND list next season but likely only draft him after round 3 if he is available
  3. Most Valuable Fantasy Player - NIKOLA JOVIC Most Improved Fantasy Player - JULIUS RANDLE / MYLES TURNER (single handedly winning blocks until injury) Fantasy Rookie of the Year - LAMELO BALL / ANTHONY EDWARDS Biggest Fantasy Draft Bust - ANTHONY DAVIS Biggest Fantasy Draft Steal - TERRY ROZIER (picked next to last in my league draft) Waiver Wire Pick Up of the Year - CHRIS BOUCHER (early on) / KELLY OLYNYK (later on)
  4. TJ McConnell will be top of my list after mid rounds. Excellent value for percentages, assists and steals
  5. A comment on NBC Sports Edge that Ingram was listed as questionable for today's Friday game. Just a heads up in case news come out that he will play and was dropped.
  6. I believe Westbrook has 36 triple doubles this season, well over 50% of all games he played. Some players get tons of likes and blurbs on these threads when they achieve a triple double. For Westbrook, just another day's work. Amazing it will be his 4th out of the last 5 seasons that he will average a triple double. And most - from his peers, coaches, statisticians, game announcers/analysts, and casual fans, take it for granted. Me, I am happy to have witness his greatness during my lifetime. Since I am babbling, I will say to be glad as a kid to have witnessed Dr J, Kareem, Magic, Bird,
  7. Agree on Jokic. Speaking from 8 cat POV, very good to excellent across all stats and from the Center position no less. Just wished his blocks are higher. He flirts with triple doubles, compensates assists if roster lacks elite point guard.
  8. I recommend saving one or two moves for Sunday. The championship may come down to a couple of close categories and historically, the last game day is big time rest or limited minutes for starters. Using those moves wisely to garner stats is key. Or if you are already in a comfortable lead, you can also use the moves to hog upside players from the competition. In my league, teams out of the championship are still active with moves. Makes it challenging but personally I welcome managers being competitive until the very end. Good luck to everyone this week.
  9. On finals week. Injury death has taken a huge toll on my roster. Cant believe I’m fishing FA pool for players who can maybe score 15pts when my team was scoring at will. Since most peeps on this board are done with finals and not checking this board I’m probably talking to myself lol. It’s all good. I’ll just keep on praying for some luck until Sunday
  10. Anthony Edwards looks like a super star in the near term. He really took off after Beasley was shelved for the season and capped DLo’s/KAT’s numbers. Curious how his offense will roll next season with a healthy starting lineup or if he will regress ala Ja Morant
  11. Being a Lillard owner this season, I did notice a slight dip in scoring in relation to: (1) Powell getting more involved and (2) Nurk’s recent improved game. This will lead me to move Lillard down a few spots when drafting next season
  12. Lonzo out with right strained thumb. NAW will get more minutes. Hopefully good volume of stats. I picked up NAW today so I wish Lonzo well and hope he gets a lot of rest in the next few remaining games of the season. Thumbs are important appendages.
  13. I was a fool thinking Whiteside was a great value pick on the 5th round, lol never again. So regardless of a player being a super star, a star, average schmoe, or schmuck, here is my list of DND for next season with caveats like low risk/high reward: Anthony Davis (unless he drops to 3rd round due to health concerns and what appears to be a downward slope in stats) JaMorant (unless he drops to 6th round. second half of rookie season made huge leap but two steps back this season) Kristaps Porzingis (unless he drops to 6th round due to forever injuries) Victor Oladipo An
  14. Beal still has a shot at scoring title. I am sure it is an accolade he would like to bank. If I were Beal, I would suit up .... then again, if I were Beal, I wouldn't be on this board lol.
  15. Extremely solid team. Who else did you have for rebounds and blocks?
  16. Agree. Raptors are out of it and simply looking at what youngsters can do
  17. His upside is there. Kanter will again be coming off the bench. Only caveat is capped offense because of Normal Powell high usage, along with Lillard and McCollum, very guard oriented that can create their own shots.
  18. Kudos for splitting the cash. Reminds me of splitting the pot in poker tournament final round. Yeah very tough with all the DNPs. I am in finals now and don't have a lot of confidence of pulling it off but have my fingers crossed.
  19. I picked up Khyri Thomas after that one good first game due to Rockets depleted roster. No intelligent research behind that decision. NAW is in a similar situation. Both players have 3 games remaining and play on same days so can't stream. Go with your gut or if one appears to get more play than the other. I am strongly considering picking him up since my lineup is not full on Wed and Fri NAW played well when Lonzo was out late March/early April. With Ingram, Zion and Lonzo, NAW would thrive well leading the second unit with more offensive touches. I will target him near the final roun
  20. Tough one. Didn't get enough of KD, Harden and Kyrie playing together to get a view of type of numbers he could churn out. Of concern is that he could rest more often with Harden and Kyrie carrying the team. For me, KD is late 1st to middle 2nd rounder, depending how the draft unfolds.
  21. This thread is to give props for those players who exceeded expectations and raised their valuations for next season's draft. I will be keeping these names in mind, maybe even reach during draft day. Terry Rozier, Anthony Edwards, LaMelo Ball, Darius Garland, Isaiah Stewart (pending offseason roster changes), KPJ, and don't forget the return of Jonathan Issac Chime in and share your list of names
  22. Some players are better in limited minutes off the bench and when given full starter minutes, the stats don’t exponentially manifest. However if he’s anything like Jonathan Issac .... sweet
  23. Playoff spot still very much in play so I’m pretty sure he’ll show up
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