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  1. thats fine but the fact is he went to Brooklyn thinking it was just him and Kyrie, which isnt a super team...everything else that has happened since is just seizing on opportunities.
  2. just dropped him yesterday hahaha....
  3. he didnt form a superteam... he joined up with Kyrie.... unless you consider KD Kyrie and Levert a supreteam
  4. absolute crickets on the trade front.... need him moved ASAP
  5. this dude worth a #2 waiver on? this isnt gonna be a graham/monk split, is it?
  6. Owner dropped Devonte Graham yesterday before the Lamelo injury....same owner also owned Lamelo... OUCH! anyway, as the title suggest, should i use my #2 waiver on Graham? This would be for my 10 man league below. Would drop either Martin or Moses
  7. anything to see with Ilyasova signing with Utah? not sure what their rotations look like
  8. thats exactly what im thinking, similar numbers to the lakers year....
  9. rumors of him landing in brooklyn... that seems like the ideal landing spot and definitely rosterable at that point
  10. what type of role would he have on the Nets? seems like an odd fit
  11. needed a PF bad and have a few droppable guys... dropped Lamb....if it doesnt work out...on to the next streamer
  12. he worth a pickup? teams showing interest are Lakers, Clips, Warriors, Heat and Brooklyn
  13. yes, surprised your comish (hopefully not you) did not contact the league immediately to discuss using the new IL+ spot when it was introduced. as mentioned, talk to your commissioner about the IL+ spot.... i am against mid seaason changes as well but this year has been like no other and i think warrants the new IL+ spot due to covid. i contacted both of my leagues about implementing 1 IL+ spot and did not have one person against it. i dont think ive seen one team not affected by players out due to covid which was my main reasoning behind using it. the Drummond and Blake o
  14. was set to drop this guy and stream his spot and then he does this! cant drop now but expecting the next 5 games to be awful.
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