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  1. I don't think that they are trying to trade him. I frimily believe that they are in fact trying to get in the playoffs. Logic dictates that if your team hasn't realistic chances of winning, you should try to trade your best players for some quality young players or lottery picks. So guys like Vooch or Fournier could be traded, but I don't see that happennning.
  2. Kanter is a capable starting center, rebounds well, can give you 10-15 pts a night, isn't a complete liability on defense like he was a few years ago, but Nurk is the whole package, so he will undoubtedly start when he returns, albeit with some restrictions.
  3. Because they have to lose A LOT of games so they can keep their top 3 protected pick from falling to the warriors. Rubio and KAT playing together will lead them to accidental victories.
  4. Super underrated, unless you play fantasy or live in Indiana or Europe.
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