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  1. Less usage, better quality players around him, real team playing for something worth, I guess his numbers won't be so gaudy (points, rebounds, assists) like in Orlando but his percentages might improve aswell his defensive numbers, plus he won't miss games with bogus injuries.
  2. WTF are the Celtics doing? They trade Theis and keep Tristan, wow. Hope Rob keeps playing 20 or so mins.
  3. Now it's the time to gamble on this Kid, because the energy that he brings on both ends of court adds a different dimension to their game, so I think that he has probably earn 10-15 minutes til the end of the season, with everyone active . But IRL experience is very valued in the NBA (just look at PJ Tucker trade buzz), so they might keep DJ in the starting lineup playing 18-28 minutes, because it's important to create chemistry before the playoffs (eg: last season Clippers) and we have to account that the return of Kevin Durant will push Jeff Green and Blake Griffin to the center posit
  4. Get this man a O, so I can place him in my IR. This is becoming even worse than last year, I never thought of trading a young stud from a rebuilding team just when we're about entering silly season. Teams are allowed to not play their players, because they're paying them and if something happens... I get it. But... They should be severely fined, because fans pay alot of money to see great players, not random guys.
  5. He's big problem was never the lack of talent or opportunity, but he's lack of aggressiveness. He lost his starting place after 2 and half seasons to an undersized veteran who rarely played that position before in his career. The Bulls are making every opposing center look like an all-star (with or without him in the lineup), ffs the coach had to place him in the second unit, just to remove the Handicap of starting every game losing! The kid is talented, but he has to prove that he can compete, but I don't know If he can change who he is that much. Maybe a change of scenar
  6. So many people expecting (rooting?) for an injury to Wall or Dipo, and the guy who's got injured was our boy. Ain't life a Bietch😬
  7. I can see why they drafted him. The kid is talented. But very raw.
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