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  1. In any case, much better to know the timetable or if he's already out for the season.... Toronto at # 11 now, has a slim chance to get into that play in scenario for the playoffs, so i hope that is still enough motivation for Fred to come back.
  2. Same boat as you are plus I have Nance with some illness... 🤕
  3. Oh man, I'm fighting for a position in the playoffs. I hope VanVleet won't miss much time.
  4. Wall and Oladipo are playing. KPJ coming off the bench.
  5. Yeah its a bit vague, didn't really like the update, we'll see how it goes.
  6. Back now from his injury but was just capped at nearly 21 mins of playing time, good for 19-2-2 and 1 BLK, all good for his 1st game back.
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