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  1. Just picked him up in my 12 team league and drafted him in my 14 team league. If he has any sort of positive regression, his fg%, 3pm, and points should go back up to get him to top 100. No one drafted him to be just top 100, but at this point, I’ll take that over his current level. I also had him in 2017 when he started out atrociously then went supernova. Clearly I’m not expecting that to happen here but the potential upside is too much for me to cut bait just yet. I’ll cut him down the line if he keeps this up, but his track record is too good for me to believe he’s THIS bad ROS.
  2. Only one game but man, this dude was atrocious
  3. He needs to get his stocks back to be top 100 imo. He’s unlikely to maintain this level of shooting given he’s a streak shooter. That being said, I drafted him so I’m hoping he regains something close to his Miami form.
  4. I’ve always disliked Wiggins and never understood why people would draft him in the top 100... I finally drafted him this year at 75 and don’t feel good about it lol. I actually feel kinda dumb for doing so since I left Dejounte on the board to take a chance on Wiggins. HOWEVER, his numbers with GSW have been really good outside of fts. If he can improve his ft% to even 75%, that would probably get him to top 60 (punting to’s) if he replicated his stats from last year. That might be wishful thinking, but I don’t think expecting him to hit 75% or better of his fts is asking too much in
  5. LETS GO BABY! 3/8 and 3/6 from the line through 3 quarters. He’s definitely getting back in the groove... of killing all your percentages that is. Sigh.
  6. His sample size of being good is faaaaaaar smaller than his sample size of being awful. His best finish to a season was top 130ish. He was good for the first 4-6 games last year and then got hurt. He was even trending down in his last 2 games of that short stretch to start last year. I’m still holding in hopes that I can get anything based on his fantasy hype “name value”, but I’ll probably end up having to drop him. Once he got hurt this year, my fg, ft, and to’s saw a massive boost lol. I’ve had Levert three seasons in a row and the dude is just one of those players that’s better in rea
  7. Bam is really really really good, but let’s calm down with the better than Jokic talk. Even with his slow start to the year, Jokic is still ranked higher than Bam. If you punt ft’s, Jokic is still ranked higher than Bam, though it’s closer. If you’re talking strictly real life basketball, Jokic is still better than bam. Even with how bam has been getting assists this year, he’s not running the offense like Jokic is. Bam clearly bodies Jokic defensively though.
  8. This is 2019, not 1984. Assistant coaches are about to get days off for load management soon. In all seriousness though, I’ll take Charlotte limiting him to 28-32 mpg if that will keep him healthy for the last 6 weeks. Dude has been money so far. No one outside of the top 24 beasts for 82 games. Everyone has good and bad stretches for the season. For someone you (the general “you”, not you specifically) probably got at the end of a draft or for free off waivers, he’s killing it. I highly doubt there are players that are available on waivers that are better than him if the league is compet
  9. I said this last year about Levert but his game is just not fantasy friendly. People were really pissed on the forums when I said he wasn’t going to be a top 50 player. He MIGHT be able to be a top 50 player one day if you have a punt ft and to build, but that’s highly unlikely. Even this year when he was avging 19, 5, 5 (rough estimates), he was BARELY top 100 when punting ft’s AND to’s. I got offered Gallo for Levert and declined it, stupidly, because I’m a fan of his game in real life. I also play 2 week playoff matchups in each round and the Nets have one of the best playoff schedules in t
  10. This is snapple cap facts right here. He’s been on the championship team 2 years in a row in my 14 team league, including my team last year, and was drafted at 11 this year. I would have taken him at 5 this year if I didn’t have first pick. He’ll finish super strong, as usual, and if you have any type of jokic team building strategy, he’s super easy to build around imo. Is this a lot of peoples first year playing fantasy? If it is, I completely understand the frustration. When he starts getting 4 triple doubles in 6 games and missing a triple double by 2 assists in the other 2 games, your team
  11. Jokic does this slow start schtick literally every single year... he’ll be fine.
  12. I wouldn’t call Levert a stud by any means. He’s barely top 100, if that, when punting BOTH categories.
  13. I feel like Clarke, even in 22 mpg is the best player in this deal. The problem is, Josh Hart could fall off. With that being said, I think Hart should be fine in his 6th man role. I would probably keep Clarke and Hart.
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