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  1. I just need one big game from him this week. 5 games but id have better luck playing russian roulette.
  2. He should be the allstar starter over doncic.
  3. Five stls game was an outlier. Decent boards for a big man and solid fg% though. I dropped him for noel, but hoping to get him back.
  4. An owner recently dropped garland. Drop wendall carter or lamarcus aldridge for garland?
  5. League member dropped garland. I haven't paid much attention to the cavs this season. How's garland's ros outlook? Is this guy a must have?
  6. I'm going the other route and picking up wendall carter. Good luck to those who are taking a flier on noel. But it seems like thibs is going to scatter robinson's minutes. I can see the blocks being there though.
  7. Isn't MPJ much younger? You have to take that into consideration in reality.
  8. Return (revenge) game against denver next time out. Although he chose to leave, I'm sure he'll be pumped to lay it on them.
  9. With devin booker possibly nearing a return, i'll look at smart's unfortunate injury as a positive. Won't have to drop anyone and just place smart on the IL. The guy's as tough as they come. He'll be back sooner than most.
  10. I love roller coasters but this is too much.
  11. Did boucher sleep with nurse's wife or something?
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