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  1. Well, anyone talking about drafting/owning Robinson in a redraft league shouldn’t even be in here right now, good job following the pack. For anyone who drafted him (me) or scooped him up in the preseason last year found a potential dynasty/keeper STUD that should provide value for years to come. Have you actually watched any of his tape? Dude is smooth like butter, almost never goes down on first contact, always falls forward, and catches the ball really well. The Hyde signing doesn’t hurt his value, all it does is help.
  2. Buy low due to injury concerns only. Or is this because Godwin is supposed to be back soon? Who would you be selling him high for? He’s the WR13 in PPR leagues...
  3. The real question is, do you start Edmonds over Drake if you were forward thinking enough to handcuff?
  4. RB6 through week 4 in my PPR leagues. League winner.
  5. So I just got offered Ekeler for Hunt after last nights TNF blowup game and haven’t immediately smashed the accept button yet. Here’s the caveat, I own Chubb & Hunt on the same fantasy team, and started both to great success. Would you make that trade to diversify your roster? Or do you think Hunt will end up being more valuable than Ekeler this season, especially after week 1’s touches (and lack of passes) shook out for the Chargers? Lynn’s latest comments on Twitter make it even harder to pull the trigger. Am I crazy?
  6. Rolling Chubb & Hunt our there in one league....Choo Choo...all aboard the Cleveland Steamer! OBJ jumping onboard in a few others! Woof!
  7. 100% will not be in a time-share, but when Evans comes back from his injury I'm sure they'll sprinkle him in on obvious passing downs.
  8. Pick up anyone from the waiver wire then. Harry is a dynasty hold only. Who would be starting that guy in anything but the deepest leagues...
  9. PPR I would not start him over Diggs, definitely would start over Lamb though.
  10. No way you start decoy Mike Evans even if he’s active today. It’s a bad hammy and he is not 100%. Easy decision.
  11. James White produces every single season in PPR leagues and this won’t be any different. Cam will be checking down to him & Edelman like crazy. He’s a must start in your flex spot and a good RB2. Start with confidence.
  12. Everyone in this thread needs to watch this. I don’t have a specific timestamp for where to start, but his coach(es) can’t stop RAVING about this dude. Literally everything he does is money, including pass protection. And he’s a super high character guy. The leash is long with this young man, it has to be. Extreme upside!
  13. Is he gonna walk to the locker room by himself or something? Dude hurt his shoulder, of course he’s going in with the trainer lol...
  14. Here's how this whole thread goes: People posting who used a high draft pick on Fournette (pre-trade) - LF is the guy 100%, RoJo sucks & his fanboi's do too People who used a more reasonable draft pick on Fournette (post-trade) - LF will be splitting carries 50/50 at least, with potential for much more People who spent any draft pick on RoJo: Clinging to coachspeak, ignoring obvious RBBC, should be happy if he even gets 50/50 split I really only own Fournette in dynasty leagues, but did draft him in the 8th round of one redraft, so I don't have a dog in this fi
  15. Drafting another RB (Vaughn), then signing McCoy, and then Fournette right before the season starts, should tell RoJo owners all they need to know. Dude will be in an ugly RBBC as usual because his coach/QB knows he either can’t handle the load or they don’t want him to. Then there’s pass protection...c’mon now. Actions speak much louder than words. His fantasy value is toast.
  16. I’ll take that risk in the 8-9th rounds as my WR4-5 with massive upside.
  17. Dump/trade Sony, Harris will be the backup, White is already a WR, Burkhead normal utility role, Miller cut. Easy.
  18. Sure. Then when he signs with a team he'll be the #1 waiver add right after. Your call.
  19. So glad you started this thread! He is/was one of my favorite deep sleepers at RB in all of my dynasty leagues. Absolutely perfect landing spot, and if Shanahan can unlock his potential, he may turn into something special. Dude can absolutely play football.
  20. He's only played in 14 games once in his career and that was his rookie season in 2016. Since then: 10 (2017), 7 (2018), 11 (2019). Smart money would be on him not playing anywhere near a full season, but if you didn't have to spend much on him as your WR3, I guess that's good on you. I'll take guys in the same ADP-range like DeVante Parker or Henry Ruggs as my WR3 all day over Fuller.
  21. This is the post all the Fuller truthers need to read & understand. Dude cannot stay healthy and never, ever will. Even at his current ADP, you better correctly predict his blowup weeks before he gets injured or you're going to feel pretty dumb when other guys in that range are putting up consistent weekly fantasy points.
  22. PPR beast? Dude was RB18 in my PPR league last season (good but not a beast), and who's to say the gameplan will stay the same with Stidham?
  23. The Ravens had 601 total carries last season, split as follows Mark Ingram - 202 (roughly 34% of all carries) Lamar Jackson - 176 (roughly 29% of all carries) Gus Edwards - 133 (roughly 22% of all carries) Justice Hill - 58 (roughly 10% of all carries) Robert Griffin III - 20 (who cares) Paul Perkins - 12 (who cares) If they truly do plan to scale back Lamar's touches and utilize Dobbins like I expect, here's how I see carries shaking out in 2020: Mark Ingram - 30% JK Dobbins - 20% Lamar Jackson - 25% Gus Edwards - 15% Justice Hill - 10% That's a rough timeshare to say the least.
  24. 30 roster spots, 5 IR spot, 6 Taxi Squad spots. We already had our rookie draft so he'll probably be gone once we cut down to 25.
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