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  1. Leaning Diggs but GB's run D has me considering Gurley. Not sure.
  2. My mindset is typically 'start your studs', but Colts v.s. MIN D has me contemplating starting Parris this week. What do you think? As always, WHIR.
  3. 14 Team H2H 9 Cat PG: R. Westbrook, A. Rivers, D. Murray SG: K. Middleton, D. Mitchell, C. Brewer SF: J. Johnson, D. Brooks PF: B. Griffin, D. Saric C: A. Drummond, C. Capela, J. Bell
  4. https://twitter.com/sixers/status/976450416446554113?s=21 fwiw
  5. Are the Bengals still in the hunt? How do you guys feel about him this week vs. CHI at home?
  6. Have Titans stashed right now for potential plug in weeks 14 & 15 @AZ & @SF. What are your guys’ thoughts?
  7. 19 mins a piece for Ibaka and Val, with 30 for Pascal. Trend or bump in mins due to blowout?
  8. Evans (@Atl) Crabtree (Den) Olsen (@Nyj) Have Olsen on the bench right now as I started Engram on Thursday. Do I swap him in for either Evans or Crab?
  9. Have Woodhead slotted right now with the thought that he'll be getting checkdowns and short passes versus Houston's D, but am unsure if Booker will be getting more touches under the new OC, and Henry had a good game against Indiana in their last matchup. Thought?
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