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  1. Dbacks are such garbage. Prob just add soria at this point where he was dropped as he’s a virtual lock to close when he returns.
  2. He’s scrapped the slider. just pumping fastballs. Either hurt or hurting from not using a substance mlb is supposedly cracking down on. Either way not good. When the dbacks knock you around all bets are off
  3. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1YQLeAKTjBGGerTdKUMQHYhxfVHi73Y9eJcEGlFh7Lr0/htmlview# This guy does a really good job. Starting to league with too many of you guys but he deserves some clicks
  4. It's never too soon for the Old Yeller thread. Old Yeller was a good dog. The best doggone dog in the west. Unfortunately one day Old Yeller was exposed to rabies and had to be taken behind the barn and put down. Who are some once great fantasy players that are making you sick and it's time to put down like Old Yeller? 1. Jay Bruce 2. Madison Bumgarner
  5. May be another one of those dodger reclamation projects and is largely unnoticed because he’s UT only. Going to be eligible all over the place soon and Dave Roberts said he’s earned more PT
  6. I don’t know man. machados numbers took a dive before lineup improvements. Problem is the guys in front and behind him suck. Wong at leadoff. Maybe he becomes serviceable. Maybe they move Hiura down but hes such a windmill now. He may end up getting sent down. Like a rougned odor look alike. Yelich himself will put up good numbers so he won’t be a bust, but hard to see him putting up elite numbers surrounded by this. I’m concerned at least
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