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  1. Wonder if it’s 1-1 or 2-0. Either way, not good.
  2. So my first draft of keepers had me keeping Correa, but looking at rosters. Only 3 SS will be kept so I will able to see a solid SS come back to me in the 2nd round or 3rd round of the draft.
  3. Thanks so far guys. I guess with the Sale news that he has sore elbow and seeing the grim reaper changes things for me. Def not going to deal with that.
  4. So H2H Points league that's very pitcher heavy in terms of points. I need to keep 5 players. No consequence in keeping a player. Sorry for the long post but trying to give as much info as i can and as organized as I can. Right now my thoughts are Trout LeMahieu Muncy Sale Corbin Outside looking in are Correa Stanton Kluber Hudson I have #2 pick. From looking at other rosters it looks like Luis Castillo, Soroka, Giolito will be available to draft at #2. So when i'd normally keep 3 SPs and 2 Hitters, i'm thinking of going the other way since I can draft one
  5. CBS reporting he'll likely be available to PH today and back tomorrow.
  6. Drafted Desmond 141st today. Don't mind if I do. He was going to be kept till the injury happened so a Top 50 player in my league at 141st. H2H points.
  7. How concerned should we be about last season's injury history. Basically his whole arm has issues. Shoulder, elbow and forearm were all cited as injuries his had last season.
  8. Heat in 6. If you haven't heard it...Lebatard's latest Heat rant. Enjoy. #cockyheatfan
  9. I picked him up to stream with the Parker situation in mind. May stick on the roster by week's end. I did the same. I have Parker and I picked up DS for ML spot. Now I have a decision to make. Parker is my 1st drop. I'm kind of hoping lineups lock before they take away M status from DS so I can see what he does and Parker does without dropping someone.
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