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  1. Oubre could definitely play small ball 4 with Mikal and Booker. It should be 4 out around Ayton when he is back. Hope fully this strong play sticks and the minutes are there.
  2. I was able to get Dame + a 2nd round rookie draft pick for Curry + Troy Brown in dynasty before they announced the 3 month timetable. In a redraft I'd imagine you might be able get an end of bench guy from one of the top teams in your league. Try and sell the 3 month timetable as January and not post ASB, which is more likely.
  3. Clarke is already top 40 and he's playing 10 less minutes than Collins. As he continues to impress, he will only get more opportunity. His ability to put up 4-5 blocks in a game cant be overlooked. The extra draft capital you are getting in addition to Clarke can't be overlooked either. I would pull the trigger.
  4. Collins out 4 months...Super Mario has to get the lion's share of those minutes I would think?
  5. It's actually Rubio that is killing his value. Booker doesn't have to play PG anymore, so Mikal is only getting back up minutes at the 2 and 3. I have the luxury of holding him in dynasty and hopefully PHX will go smaller and get him more minutes, but in a redraft I would've moved on by now.
  6. You have a solid core for punt AST, but I think you could use a bit more rebounding, as JJJ and Turner aren't massive positives there. Unless Herro or Garland blow up at the start of the year, I would play the wire and stream to get as many rebounders and 3PM specialists as you can. Those are the 2 easiest stats to find on the wire so you can really maximize your GP and overall stat output from there,
  7. I think Curry is a great first pick to punt AST. Huge contributions in 3s, %s and PTS with good steals as well. I would try and move Butler for a scoring wing and another big man, something like Hield, McCollum or LaVine and Bam, Horford, or Favors.
  8. I would go with NAW. With Zion out, he should see some extra minutes. The Bulls have also said White will be more focused on development this year, and Sato has the PG job (and minutes) on lock.
  9. I was able to make a couple trades that I think have really helped out my squad. Trade 1: Doncic and Bacon for DRuss and Hield Trade 2: SGA, Dinwiddie, and Saric for JRich, Ingles, and Dwight Powell. Now my squad will look like: PG: DRuss SG: Hield G: JRich SF: Cov F: John Collins Cen: KAT U: Valan U: Whiteside U: Rozier Bench: T Ross, Dedmon, Ingles, Looney, Osman, Z Collins, Powell, Okogie (or streamer) Thanks all for your input!
  10. Clarke. For God's sake how is Clarke still there. Go get him ASAP.
  11. Herro will not do much besides hit 3s and FTs. If you want PJ, hes your drop.
  12. With PG already out, I would probably hold. Unless you are ok with waiting as PJ is all hype right now and may take a while to hit his stride.
  13. With Clarke and Thybulle, you may not be punting blocks as hard as you think...except against that all C squad. Yes, I would rather have harden at $70, but Lillard and Jokic are a great combo for cat leagues. I would pick up another big man to help out %s and REBS. Maybe someone is hype on Ja and will bite. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/771721-10-team-9-cat-oreb-draft-thoughts-where-to-improve-whir/
  14. Wow JV at 73 and Lonzo at 96 are great. I would try and boost those cats you have listed as OK with a deal for another solid big man. Lavine for someone like Bryant, Bam, or even Favors would really help. You are so strong in the guard cats from Harden, Booker, and Lowry that Lavine doesnt actually add that much.
  15. Embiid and Trae are nice duo, esp in 8 cat. I would try and get value for Blake ASAP. Really doubt he makes it through a full season. I would try a 2-1 with Blake and someone else and put McGee in there for the boost to FG%, REBS, and BLKs.
  16. Its a bit all over the place. Tatum at 36 is too high for my liking, but he wouldn't have been there at 60. Same with Ja, I think top 60 is about his ceiling. If you are going with a strong punt build, wings are your last priority. Rose and NAW probably are worth rostering. Dump them and look for some more big men stats. As for stats distribution: Strong: AST, STL Competitive: BLK, REB, TO, FG%, 3PM Weak: PTS Forget It: FT%
  17. Try and set up a 2-1 and open up a roster spot. See what you can get for Love + Jaylen Brown.
  18. Very solid for punting assists. Roco and Bam at 70 and 71 and Isaac at 111 are crazy good value. I wonder why your commish changed the scoring. You will get consistent double doubles from Embiid and AD, but not a ton from anyone else on your roster. I would be interested to know what his roster is to see if that helped him out or not.
  19. I think I had a pretty strong draft but I'm not sure if I bought in too heavily on the extra OREB cat. Daily Lineups. 2 - KAT 19 - Doncic 22 - Vuc 39 - John Collins 42 - Lord Covington 59 - J Valan 62 - SGA 79 - Whiteside 82 - Rozier 99 - T Ross Bench: Dedmon (102), Dinwiddie (119), Looney (122), Cedi (139), Z Collins (142), Saric (159), Bacon (162), Okogie (179) Heavy punt AST, so my initial thought are to move doncic for a couple scoring wings in the 25-40 range. Lemme know your thoughts and WHIR.
  20. I think if you let Bagley into the draft pool you probably wont see him ever again. You probably have a good chance to draft LMA or Murray back on to your squad if you want.
  21. Len will get plenty of run and was shooting a lot of 3s at the end of last year. He could put up K Love lite type numbers if things work out. If I had to take a flyer on any of those guys, it would be him. Powell also puts up nice %s and hustle stats for an end of bench guy.
  22. Harden. Guard stats dominate 8 cat. Harden can carry you in PTS, 3s, FT%, and STL, and contributes nicely in AST, REB, and even BLK for a guard. Pair him with a good big man at the 2/3 turn like Collins, Ayton, or Vuc and you will be set up nicely.
  23. Hurry and accept before the other owner realizes how bad he screwed up.
  24. Keep Sabonis. Kuzma is unlikely to even start, and doesn't provide much more than points and some rebounding.
  25. You already have a pretty solid punt AST lineup going there. I would target Steph in a trade. His high volume on good % for a guard is devastating in punt AST. Maybe a package of Mitchell + Gallo + Bridges would do it? That would even allow you to keep Bryant, who should be a very solid punt AST contributor. Curry (61), George (42), Gobert (27), Bryant (5), Hield (2), Robinson (1), and Brogdon (1) leaves you with $61 to play with. With that budget I would grab a 4th star to complement Steph, PG, and Gobert for around $35-$45. Then fill the rest of your roster with guys under $5 who contribute stocks and dont hurt %s too bad. Good luck!
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