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  1. If you don’t count the bubble & the slow start of this season, he’s actually a very much improved shooter. We saw the improvement towards the end of last season, pre-bubble. He’s come a long way & deserves credit. Already light years ahead of Ben Simmons in terms of shooting. If he can sustain his recent consistency then the future is very bright for the eldest Ball brother.
  2. Sexland has been nice up until the injuries hit. Jayson & Jaylen from the C’s seems like a great one this season. Both on pace for career years.
  3. Trae Young seems like a gem of a buy low. Currently struggling, friction within the team (Collins) & an apparent wrist injury.
  4. This man is ballin’! Straight money so far this season.
  5. Is there any possibility he gets moved to DEN this season? They seem to have some great pieces to entice HOU, like MPJ, Murray, etc. I just don’t know if it’s possible or not.
  6. Be patient guys. This is similar to the Jokic situation from last season. Came into the season out of shape & eventually turned it around to produce first round value. Everyone was freaking out for the first few weeks calling him a bust & boom. You also have to account for the loss of Porzi. Being out of shape while also being the sole focus of opposing defenses will cause anyone to struggle.
  7. Love. Injury prone, doesn’t do much else other than pts, 3s & few rebounds. + the young Cavs are playing great without him.
  8. LAL are going to rely heavily on their bench/role players, at least for the first part of the season. Those offseason acquisitions weren’t for nothing. They’re going to try and preserve their two stars as much as possible after going deep in the bubble.
  9. I’d do it. You’re getting 3 great players in return, while unloading Dray, who will probably be a headache to own.
  10. At least he’s snagging some steals. Much better than the first two games. Progression.
  11. Last I checked, the Wolves are in the loaded Western Conference & not in the “weak East”.
  12. Dipo has All Star potential when he’s on his game, as you saw tonight. Beasley is locked into his role & should be solid ROS. I’d find somebody else to drop.
  13. Best he’s looked all season. Shot the ball confidently, & was Mr. 4th quarter down the stretch to bring the Pacers back from a big deficit. Still lost, but great individual performance.
  14. Patiently waiting for some positive news. The re-evaluation was supposed to happen on Monday.
  15. The man is eager to play & probably motivated to mess with opposing teams playoff standings, or at the very least challenge them.
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