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  1. romo just s--- the bed but theres no other alternatives in mia
  2. with giolito its all about him repeating his mechanics. when he’s in rhythm he’s almost lights out. his mechanics also allow his to hover in around 94 to 96mph on his fb. another weird dev is his curve used to be almost his best pitch.. plusplus according to some. now he cant throw it at all but have developed a pretty nice change.
  3. sure until the data accumulates and the analytics say sir anthony.. always sir anthony =)
  4. wheres the exit vel son? that may tell the story on babip
  5. what do you guys think of brach? after the opening day booboo he hasnt really had another chance other than some 8th inning work..
  6. the jones soria situation could be frustrating until one gets traded
  7. its ok soria is who we thought he was
  8. yea this sux. traded for him 2+ wks ago and still nada in the sb dept =(
  9. im throwing him out there and x'ng fingers =)
  10. his problem is control and location not so much sequence imo. watching his last start, he would miss by like 18 inches. catcher calls outside, he goes inside and gets wrecked =(
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