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  1. Saw a couple of A. Cooper's running routes, unfortunately the O-line is an issue as well, which leads to Carr forcing throws. I hope A. Cooper goes to a team with a decent O-line and QB.
  2. Im guessing this would be the best time for Raiders to give him more exposure? Giving him 2 targets in 2 weeks (2nd target was a bad throw, lead to a blindside hit), doesn't really give him much value. Raiders are like my league mate trying to sell A. Cooper and D. Henry for T. Gurley....
  3. A. Rodgers wants to throw throw throw... he wants to set records...
  4. If you want to keep your QB healthy you either do a lot of dump passes or runs. M. Gordon and A. Ekeler seems to have that in control.
  5. 2nd target in 2 weeks got him injured cause of a bad throw.
  6. Snap Count is shifting for sure. Week 5 K. Allen - 77% T. Will - 72% M. Will - 70%
  7. Would this demoralize a wideout? Why run as hard if 99% of the time you wouldn't get the ball?
  8. He was on 96% of Offensive Snaps last week with 1 target. This is some next level decoy shet. It's like A. Cooper is playing with Kobe.
  9. I've owned D. Thomas 3 yrs in a row, and this feels like DT all over again. Mediocre QB + Rock Hands. FFS
  10. The only way to train M. Will (Their High pick) is to throw him as much as possible during real-time gameplay. Minimum 5 targets, multiple looks in the End Zone. I respect SF's run def. than their pass def, specially with R. Sherman not guiding the secondary.
  11. Its just a matter of time before this guy blows up, unfortunately they were behind that's why he was looking for M. Will all day. Its really based on the status of the game.
  12. P. Rivers loves to spread it out, but his main targets are M. Gordon and K. Allen in the past 2 weeks.
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