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  1. He only mentioned Dipo, Wall and Cousins. Cousins is already done in Houston. From what I gather, his opinion, is he’s certain Dipo will be traded before deadline and then he eluded to the idea Porter could be a Wall replacement someday down the line. Which doesn’t refer to now or this deadline.
  2. I don’t know about PG. I thought he’s more of a wing. SG/SF
  3. I’d stay with Sabonis and Fox. I also don’t see any possible combination with Trae that I’d accept for Sabonis and Fox.
  4. He’s been 60% owned on Fantrax for a few weeks already.
  5. Honestly those are some really bad offers. I’d reject those super fast.
  6. Drop before season started? Why would you have him in 10 team anyway?
  7. If standard 12 team or lower Durant simply because you always have guys in waivers to get you by .
  8. I’ll say otherwise. Points Leagues (which by the way reflect real life more). Rotoworld wrote an entire article about how the various FFB formats reflects to real life earlier this season. It specifically talked about guys like Turner. So while Turner is probably better than Ayton in categories because of how category leagues accentuate specific categories. In Turners case blocks. If you took away Turners blocks would he be better than Ayton overall in category leagues? In points leagues currently Ayton is 32nd overall and Turner is 50th.
  9. Bey since he’s a developing rookie on a crap team.
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