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  1. Deep leaguers are still on this wagon. Basically because there’s not much of a choice. If you look at first post of this entire thread it says for deeper leagues. This concept of deep leagues has appeared to fly over your head throughout this thread. Who’s clueless?
  2. Certainly don’t drop Poeltl. So it would be Between Delon, RoCo, Bazley or Jackson. I’d probably try to keep Bazley for second half. So Delon or Jackson
  3. He is tearing up G-League and will be recalled soon. Wall, Dipo rest days, Dipo trade rumors, on tanking team. Not to mention he is a stud. Also sounds like Rockets have big plans for him according to articles posted on his player thread on these forums. He'll also have the huge incentive to prove Cleveland and the rest of his nay-sayers wrong. Perfect recipe for fantasy success.
  4. And the complainers picked him up. Then it switches after next game and so on and on and on and on .
  5. Of course. He’s one of the better players in the league.
  6. Teams are just waiting for the dominos to start falling. Once that happens he’ll be snatched up.
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