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  1. Hi everyone, I was just offered this trade. Do I take it? If Carson is on track to come back, then it would give me a solid RB squad with Mixon and Carson up front with Gaskin and Swift as my depth. Should I take it?
  2. I'd be cool with getting Juju for someone like Beasley. You're not giving up too much and its worth the gamble
  3. I'd go with Higgins and try and trade Robinson or Swift for another WR
  4. I'd do it as well and like others have mentioned, gets you depth
  5. I would do that trade as well. Mixon will be the best player in the deal and Lamb is a real good get as well.
  6. I wouldn't do it. Connor is safe going forward whereas Chubb will eventually come back and you'll lose out on your RB1.
  7. I would do this trade as well. Cook will be fine and Chubb being added to the team is just icing on the cake/
  8. Hi guys! I'm looking for a bit more of an impact for my RB squad. Should I trade for a high RB2 using a package of Gurley and Johnson? DJ would be on the bench behind a combo of Davante and Gaskin for the FLEX spot, so I figured I could try and trade this depth for impact. Who are some guys I could shoot for in a vacuum? Josh Jacobs? Cook?
  9. Do I really hold onto him? Being in 1st, I feel like I should, but at the same time, he's been so bad and there guys like Dejounte, Nance, even Aminu doing things that could be helping more. I need the 3s and boards because I lost Love, so I'm thinking Nance and Hezonja could make up for both? What say you forums? Team: 12 Team Yahoo Basketball H2H Standard 9-Cat PG: CP3, Elfrid Payton, Jamal Murray, Kris Dunn SG: Josh Richardson, Mario Hezonja SF: Khris Middleton, Trevor Ariza, Robert Covington PF: Nikola Jokic, Bobby Portis, C: Steven Ad
  10. I'm a big fan of Ingles' game since it is very fantasy friendly. I would use the #2.
  11. Or should I stay and hold off on the assists till CP3 and Elfrid come back?
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