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  1. I'm your huckleberry.




    The beta test is just for this weekend?

  2. Other updates: - Weather data for all games (available per player and we'll have a table with all games on Research) * no weather to show now so far from games but the feature is built and in the game - League logos for private leagues - IR spot now allows players with the following statuses: * IR * IR-R * PUP - preseason * PUP - reg season * Out Coming soon - updated player ranks (should help IDPs particularly) - new app mid-summer
  3. I came across your post and just have a few questions on hot to draft in a keeper league.

  4. Hey Bunt Cakes,

    1. oahayder


      I came across your post where you request ideas from the users about new features for fantasy and I was very impressed! I am a software engineer and have an interview with your team next week. I was going to bring up the fact that we should be more transparent to our users and get more feedback from them. I am very excited for the opportunity to join the team! I am weirdly obsessed with fantasy sports :P

      Do you have any tips for the interview? How do you like it there so far?

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