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  1. This one was roto, just happens to have weekly lineup settings, so 2 starts weeks are certainly beneficial even if one matchup is tough.  I had enough confidence in Gallen that he'd survive the first matchup and be somewhat rewarded by the second.  I wasn't as concerned about ratios because of my gaps as i just wanted counting stats.  Obviously though, i wouldn't want to be destroyed - we were fortunate that it wasn't worse.  Really wanted that win.

  2. In weekly lineup changes, it would have been nice to make the move after this week because I wouldn't have started Gallen for a single game @ COL.    Figured I'd bite the bullet on the @Colorado start in order to get 2 shots at wins, extra Ks, and potentially decent ratios.  If there's only 6 games next week, then he gets only 1 game next week as well.  Bummer.

  3. I watched the streaming broadcast on mlb yesterday against the dodgers and they were saying that he has transformed in his aggressiveness.  Before, he would be great at getting ahead and then he'd start nibbling, trying to get guys to chase to much.  Now he just goes after them and challenges them which sets up his other stuff better.  You could see it play out as the announcers were describing.  


    The results speak for themselves the last few games.  He's become almost matchup proof. 


    Too bad CMart blew the win.  

  4. 8 Yahoo leagues (1 - 20 / 7 - 50)

    Voit 7   - always seemed to have another draft option and figured I'd have Voit available late.

    Bauer 6 - Wanted one of Cole / Nola / Bauer around the 3rd / 4th round.

    Bieber 4 / Pivetta 3 - upside arms ... would try to get Flaherty after Bauer, but often had to fill a bat.

    Paddack 5 - Most of my drafts were well before it was announced that he made the OD roster.  Just liked what i saw in ST.

    Devers 5 - Takes a step forward this year.  Like his spot in the order.  Good spring.  

    Puig / Dahl / Eloy - 4 Always tried to get one or two here

    Teoscar / Soler - 3 Late OF/U help

    Seranthony 6 - Like him to take over sometime this year, if not good ratios and k/9.

  5. 1 hour ago, IlliniGuy76 said:


    BIG TIME suggestion - NEVER EVER look at ANY sites "projections"; I literally believe it's the most overrated thing that members quote on this board.  Have you ever seen a young player's "projections" go from something like he hit .280/10/50 in 2018 (for instance) to .295/32/98 (or the flip side of that matter)?  Believe it or not players make that leap/jump and those "projections" never accommodate for that.

    I like McNeil and think he far surpasses the "projections" of 8 homers and 15 steals - they're simply going off of the playing time he had last year.


    I was actually glad CBS had such low projections. It kept the hype down as we rolled through spring training and our keeper / auction draft process.  I picked him up off waivers last year ($6) and was very high on him going into the offseason though the addition of Cano slowed the roll.  We keep 15 and took a chance letting him go back to the draft only to get him back cheaper with an extra year.  

    Love his bat control and developing power.  Sneaky sleeper / breakout potential if he can take advantage of early playing time to force their hand.

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  6. I don't think there's been a huge surge in him because most projections still show single digits hr and modest steals.  I just got him in my auction at $4, which I thought was a bargain.  Undrafted waiver players go for $6, so he's less that replacement cost.


    I have seen him taken at the very end of Yahoo drafts.

  7. The last hit was junk.  Rosario hit a pop fly flare behind 3rd base that either Dejong or Ozuna should have been able to get ... certainly with better communication.  That put runners on the corners with 2 outs.  Too bad the Cards don't have better D.  Mikolas should've been out of the inning and qualified for the potential win.

  8. The week just solved itself with the Patriot's day game ppd.  He should only get one day unless they decide to skip Brian Johnson which is a possibility.   He gets his 2 start week next week if this is the case and I get to see if he can even make it through 2-3 ip without going numb (let alone 5-6 ip).


    I'm fine with playing matchups.  Sat him against NYY.   In my daily yahoo leagues, there's really only a handful of starters that I would deem matchup proof.  Flexibility in my keeper league is far more limited by weekly lineup changes, but in this case, based on his last result, his health concerns, his matchup, and that he only has 1 start now, he's a good sit.   Too much risk when I have another good streaming option to run out there.


    I would actually love it if he blanked the Angels.  That'd go a long way to restoring some confidence.  Heck I'd be happy with 2-3er in 5ip with 6ks even if it's on my bench.  

  9. 50 minutes ago, jfazz23 said:

    pitching him both unless he looks awful again anaheim...


    That's sorta the problem.  If i start him, he fills that slot for both starts and I can't start someone else if he gets shelled in ANA or if he has health issues.  In a Yahoo league, i'd have the flexibility to mix the starts.   Too bad his 2 start week is right after he claims loss of sensation.   Can't run him out there for a trial. 


    I'm tempted to play it safer.

  10. What is everyone planning on doing here with Price this week. 


    Tuesday   @ ANA (Ohtani)
    Sunday    @ OAK (Mengden)


    I'm worried about his elbow / UCL / hand losing sensation.  I could use the two starts, but with weekly lineups, but what are the odd that he gives only a couple of innings.  Anaheim has a hot offense now too.

  11. ESPN commentators were talking about where Molina was setting up versus where he threw it knowing where he was in the lineup and wanting to nibble, with the thought being to refuse to give Pina anything good to hit with less respected hitters (i.e. Arcia who is swinging at everything these days) coming up.   Hopefully Yadier can get through to Mikolas what he wants to do with 2 strikes and how to attack the hitters.   It's hard to communicate that when you're limited on mound visits.


    We know Mikolas has good  stuff.  I think he has pretty control.  It's just learning how to use it better.  Don't catch so much of the plate on set up pitches.  

  12. I have Gohara in a keeper league and would really like to have his roster spot.  Since he's a prospect and not necessarily guaranteed a spot since he got injured during spring training, i'm concerned that he just doesn't get a DL designation.  Hard to say right now since ALL teams seem to be taking their own sweet time in putting their players on the DL.  

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