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  1. I’m just glad I steered clear away from this one trick pony. Though I was still tempted.
  2. I keep going back and forth, this will be my decision in a big money 10 team H2H (5X5) draft I have tonight.
  3. Tatis back in the Padre lineup today at DH. Even at DH it’s still nice to see but I still have concerns.
  4. Talking it off as simple general soreness IMO isn’t smart and is a stretch because normally when players have general soreness they aren’t leaving in the middle of an active game. Rendon and several others had general soreness and were late to start sprint training. I’d even buy missing a few games after starting but that’s entirely different from removing yourself from play in an actual game. Let’s not be naive here but to each his own.
  5. I don't want to be overly panicked but I honestly do not like this and am drafting at #5 in a big money league next week. I'll be looking in another direction as I fear on the 31st you'll see the Padres put him on the DL stating that he's completely fine and would play if this were the playoffs but are being extra cautious with their $342 million dollar man and the long 162 game season.
  6. LOL that's precisely the pick I plan on drafting him at in my upcoming 5x5.
  7. Corey please stop bringing attention to yourself as you’re one of my key targets in my upcoming draft. His stock will continue to rise if he continues to mash like he currently is.
  8. Seager's primary issue the last few years have been health and he has an extra incentive to stay on the field as he's looking for a big contract. He was lights out last year for the Dodger WS run and has started spring training right where he left off. To me I think Seager still has a higher floor than Bichette and Boegards (shoulder). Seager is scalding hot, just homered again.
  9. I didn’t see a thread for Corey and thought I’d start one. I’m surprised there isn’t more talk of Seager this year. He’s on a one year contract and is lighting it up in Spring Training after being a beast for the Dodgers on their WS run. Him wanting to get a big contract is extra incentive for him to stay on the field and I’m all in.
  10. McKissic and Chark, Bridgewater is inactive
  11. Tough question but based on matchups I hate to say it but probably Herbert.
  12. Which would you choose I keep going back and forth. I wish I would start them both but Jacobs and Sanders are locked in as starters.
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