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  1. I'll always remember him for messing around with JD Drew. Would never play everyday, would just get random benchings, and when he did play, it seemed he'd bat 7th or something. Of course LaRussa LOVED Pujols, so it's not like he treated all rookies this way.
  2. Kimbrel was not right at the start of 2020. The exact cause can be debated, but there's evidence to suggest the delayed start and abbreviated "spring" training threw him off. After about 4 appearances, Kimbrel was quite good in 2020, You just can't tell because the season was so short. He didn't even walk anyone in September, despite finishing with 7.0 BBs per 9 innings. Such is the difficulty of a 60 game season. Kimbrel seemed to be back to "normal" last year after a slow start and now is just continuing that.
  3. I don't know, Wittgren has received 100% of the save opps so far Of course this was a bit unusual with Cleveland taking the lead in the 8th after burning Karinchak and Clase. Wittgren's also the worst pitcher of the three. We'll see how this shakes out
  4. Two days later... Senzel is tied for the major league lead with nine runs scored this season. He's 5-for-14 with five walks, giving him a .526 OBP. He should remain quite valuable for fantasy purposes if he can stay healthy.
  5. Didn't see a topic for 2021 on him. Seems like the boring type that generally does not generate a ton of interest. But I thought there might be some untapped potential here. As stated in his 2020 thread, he had a solid 2019 with a barrel rate in the 90th percentile and a hard-hit rate in the 94th percentile, That said, his HR/FB rate seemed a bit low and he underperformed both his .516 xSLG and .362 xwOBA. 2020 was similar, but a bit of a step backwards. The question is what is the real Christian Walker? Was it his 2020, or was the two months of 2020 just a slower start? He's hitting in a prim
  6. Robles is still only 23 (turns 24 next month). Andrew Vaughn is 23. Andrew Vaughn just saw hsi first Major League pitch. I think people might a bit harsh on Robles given his age. Maybe he never quite pans out, but even "bad" Robles still gets you a fair amount of steals and decent counting stats.
  7. There's some truth to that. But there's also a question of how to address that for 2020 stats. In a normal season, one hot streak will get diluted over the course of a season. But in 2020, it can dominate the stats. The question is whether Winker really made a leap forward or simply had a well timed streak. It's hard to put much stock in 2020, as it's like taking the league leaders at the end of May in a "normal" season and assuming it would have been the same names in October.
  8. You're right. I missed that. I saw he was designated for assignment last week. I'll admit that I'm shocked no team claimed McGuire. He's definitely a top 60 catcher in baseball, but some teams you rather have their own crappy back-ups. I mean McGuire is a good defender, is only 26, and actually had decent offensive stats in 2018 and 2019 (and terrible stats in 2020). For a free pick-up, that seems like a no brainer for some teams. My point wasn't that McGuire warranted a spot over Kirk. It was that McGuire warranted a spot somewhere in the majors and the Jays could have just kept M
  9. I think most catchers would be considered superior defensively to Kirk. He hasn't been terrible (defensively) in the minors, but I don't think anyone sees him (and his body type) and thinks good defense. Jansen has generally rated quite good defensively in the majors (even though that's not what people thought in the minors). All that said, it's hard to see the Jays not turning to Kirk more regularly. The team cut Reese McGuire to keep him on the roster. And McGuire's not terrible. McGuire should be on a big league roster. But McGuire is out of options, meaning the Jays will have to trade
  10. Not sure how useful that statement is. Devers was a 21 year old in 2018 and 2020 was a fraction of a season due to COVID. It's not like he has many years of sucking. Even in 2020, Devers hit .181/.241/.325 through 20 games and then .301/.345/.522 over the latter two thirds of the season. It's anyone's guess which would have been the "true" Devers if 2020 had more games. But yes, he is a bad fielder. That likely isn't going to change.
  11. That doesn't sounds like a fireman, sounds like a guy getting dumped in a bad situation. Maybe it's giving Karinchak some work in a different type of situation, but down 3-0 in the ninth is pretty much a loss regardless of what happens.
  12. It's the ultra-frustrating outing. Not really good, but not really bad. Enough underlying positives to hope for more. As noted, he walked the first two batters on 8 pitches and 3 of the first four batters walked. All 4 walks came in the first, though the last one was on 10 pitches. Did seem to settle in after that. The Ks are nice. The line wasn't horrid. Not all starts can be winners. This one does seem like a case of nerves, so hopefully it gets better.
  13. Not sure what could have changed between the beginning of season and now to alter your opinion of Senzel or almost anyone else. Maybe if he was your last bench guy and someone good became available. But otherwise, the reasons you drafted him are the reasons to keep him for now.
  14. Too good? The guy with a career 4.82 ERA? If you want to see what you have with Elieser, that's fine. Give him some starts. But he is basically a two pitch pitcher, which usually means the bullpen in the end. Health is obviously a big concern with pitchers too, but in an ideal world, all of Lopez, Rogers, Sanchez, Alcantara, and Cabrera should be better starting options for the Marlins.
  15. It's an uber small sample size, but good to see no Ks through two games. And those games were against Tampa, who is a good K team (and Glasnow specifically). The key to Chisholm is limiting the Ks. Everything else looks amazing. Great bat speed. Good tools. Even a decent eye. Chisholm is from the Bahamas, so he hasn't had the most traditional developmental path. So he's a bit of a wild card as to how he develops and if/when he can reign in the Ks. Could be this year, though odds are he's not there yet. But the rest of the package is pretty impressive if he ever figures it out.
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