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  1. He's barely played, so hard to really judge too much. He's definitely raw and will need time though. So it's one of those things where you'd have to wait a few years to see if anything comes of him. Which it still could, but also might not. As of now, there's not a ton of competition in Washington, so the pathway is still there. But that, like many things in the NFL, can change quickly. Depends on the alternatives, but you'd probably need a deep league, a few years, and some luck to really get much out of him.
  2. These are the Bengals, which generally means two things: (1) poor decisions and (2) cheap decisions. Interestingly, trading Green conflicts with these two competing interests. But it almost seems like a no-brainer. The Bengals don't need Green with Higgins and Boyd. The Bengals could use draft assets. The Bengals owners certainly don't mind dumping Green's salary. Make the move and get an asset. We'll see if it happens, but it seems like it should be inevitable.
  3. Akers takeover definitely did not happen this week.
  4. is Sam Darnold a secretly good QB just waiting for an unleashing from Adam Gase? Probably not, will be interesting to find out. Somehow this team won 7 games last year...
  5. Remember this guy? Yeah...me neither.
  6. To pile on here, the referees reversed the TD he scored by ruling him down by contact just short. Even though no one on Tampa Bay actually contacted him, which would seem to make the point moot. Don't get that one.
  7. Wouldn't shock me if Green gets traded, making it moot. Or gets hurt. Or reverts to Weeks 1-5 form. Higgins and Boyd should be fine
  8. It was pretty much all garbage time, but it was some sweet, sweet garbage time for fantasy purposes. Still think he'll be inconsistent for 2020. When Cook comes back they will run, run, run. And when they don't, there's still Thielen.
  9. Depends on the league rules, but I'm guessing he's not keeper-worthy in most. If you're going full on dynasty, he probably will leave Pittsburgh after 2020 and likely will have more value in 2021. But 2018 is looking like an outlier in terms of stats. He's a decent player, just nothing super special. That has value in most leagues, but not super exciting either. So it's probably a decent move if you can actually buy low and keep expectations in check.
  10. It depends on how you measure it. Boyd is more of a possession type receiver, so he tends to get more targets, but for shorter yards. Higgins gets more air yards and the potential for greater total yards. He has also has seen an edge so far in red zone targets. The end result might be pretty similar from a fantasy prospective, but individual league scoring can sway that.
  11. Not sure Washington is actually good at stopping WRs though. It just hasn't be super necessary in the games played so far. The Eagles and Rams attacked mainly attacked via tight ends (though the Eagles don't have much at WR that's healthy anyhow). Both Cleveland and Baltimore easily ran the ball and were up big. Washington couldn't stop Kyle Murray running. Plus Washington is generally losing, so teams tend to stop passing in those situations. So I suspect Slayton should be okay.
  12. Not only that, but it was in garbage time with the Rams up big late. On the one hand, Washington was playing pure run. So it's impressive to get anything there. But if you break through the initial wave, it also helps explain the 46 yards. Hard to really evaluate much here. Akers basically played in two series, and one was garbage time. So not a lot to really evaluate. Basically waiting for another game to better see...
  13. Agreed. I think trade 1 is worth in. Not so much trade 2. I have doubts on Henderson overall. Good guy, but it's a crowded backfield. And Mixon is taltened, but Cincy's lien sucks. Keep Henry and try to improve on Burkhead.
  14. It's good value. I'd probably do it. Is it a PPR league? Even if it's not, it's still likely worth it. The only way it's bad is if you really can't trade your RB depth. Because otherwise you should be able to upgrade on what you lost with your assets. I'd try and feel that out a little bit.
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