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  1. Anybody looking to sign Osuna this year?
  2. ARob has been money in the bank as WR2/Flex the last three weeks that's for sure...but I'm more worried about the weather this week than the matchup. Field conditions crappy and 1 degree at kickoff? I'm more worried about the QB in this weather than ARob...but it's a major measurable. Of course I'm overthinking it...but I can't shake the bad vibe on the weather affect.
  3. Agreed...I had to drop him also. The Redskin's offense and QB situation are a mess right now and he's the #1 guy affected.
  4. I think it's time for a good-ol'fashioned WR temper tantrum that begins and ends with "Just throw me the damn ball!"
  5. I'm holding... Hope = High Expectations = Low
  6. Too risky...I wanna flex him so bad but I'll pass this week. All systems go moving forward though!
  7. With CJ Anderson still on his couch after the fantastic way he filled in for Gurley at the end of last year, I'm not surprised Ajayi is still on his couch also...
  8. Any word on the CJ Anderson workout/result (i.e. did they sign him?)
  9. I'm seriously considering dropping him for Burkhead, who is on my WW. BUT...the catches last week would have been White's if he wasn't with his wife/new baby...so there's that. Ponderous....
  10. Well...it was the Cardinals. Houston's pass D is ranked one higher than AZ so not the biggest test next week either. But is is the NFL...and he played well. I loved his use of DJ Moore, and how CMac wasn't affected....both of whom I have shares of in fantasy.
  11. I agree...I mean why would they do that? They've done such an awesome job through the draft over the last 20 years 😂
  12. I think he is trending to WR2 territory myself...one more week will help us understand. The thing I loved the most about last game was the targets...up 5 to 9 from week 1. In PPR leagues, I thinking he's showing some strong potential. Stong WR3/Flex now....but trending up IMO. Me likey....
  13. I have a sneaky suspicion it's going to be both of them...like in a 60/40 or 70/30 split behind center, and honestly don't know which one gets more work. This is going to be interesting. My leagues are short bench leagues so I can't drop my traditional QB2 for him, but wish I could. I have a feeling....
  14. Won't be hard for me to start him...I did a backflip yesterday in the league I grabbed him off the WW. But, you haven't seen my RB situation in that league so I understand your confusion. I just need a workhorse RB2/Flex...I think he can be that guy. I'd be psyched with a steady 10-12 points each week from him.
  15. I like the post but don't be so ANGRY FF....LOL. Solid points. I'm a buyer of Hyde at RB2/Flex based on volume alone. Very serviceable IMO.
  16. Anyway...based on the offers I've gotten for AB when I put him on the trading block (more of a test balloon than the belief I'd really get a good offer), it seems AB is untradeable (I know not a real word) right now. To be honest...because I have an RB issue on that team, I would have taken the likes of Carlos Hyde for him and made the offer. No deal. Let's hope AB has a good day with the NFL today. But, they employ a bunch of ex-FBI, etc. types. If he shows up unprepared, the news won't be good.
  17. Great point...and I believe you are correct. This possibility definitely exists.
  18. I agree with you...a much lower bar, which is why it's a civil case. I don't think any reasonable DA would bring a criminal case. Even with the much lower bar, I think she has a tough road ahead of her. His lawyers are going to call a busload of people that saw them together as a couple, etc. saying she always came around, they spent a lot of time together, etc. This ain't no slam dunk for her, and I'd be willing to bet you that her lawyer is getting paid only if she wins...and most likely a third of the winnings. I hate to be like that...not being a Dave Chappell-like victim bl
  19. Nobody in the history of the league has been suspended for being a jerk-off, or for not paying his bills. It's all about the alleged Sexual Assault...a civil case versus a criminal case by a woman he clearly had consensual relations with. That doesn't mean he didn't do what she claims....but man is that going to be hard to prove. Asked him to invest in her business (AFTER supposed Sexual Assaults)...he said no, tried to "settle" for $2Mil...he said no...she sues. That's a long haul for her layers...and civil case because the "beyond a reasonable doubt" would be pretty difficult there.
  20. C'mon...what NE RB has been trustworthy fantasy-wise....ever? Very few. This is a crowded backfield with a coach that punishes mistakes (fumbles, missed/poor pass protection, etc) with bench time and game plans that are difficult to predict. I own shares in two leagues but only because he was sitting there in Rd 5/Rd 6 staring me in the grill and my rankings had him as a must draft at the point and I took the plunge hoping for steady flex stats. The headache I (we) gave myself (ourselves) is the unpredictability. When you don't expect it to happen, he'll go ballistic with a big day.
  21. I own Gordon in a couple of leagues with late round flyers I took and if this keeps up will try and trade him to the Ekler owner for a piece of candy or something. Dude is ball'n.
  22. No room to hold two TE's...and there is going to be a monster push for Hockenson that I can't compete for. Good news is there are some other choices... This stinks though....dang it.
  23. OK...I'll try to not let my desperation rule my logic. I just got thumped week 1 and in a little bit of a panic. Thanks,
  24. I think stay with McLaurin IMO. I'm most certainly not a fan of Royce Freeman having just dropped him myself for Jones II, but that was in a non-PPR league. With as many times as Dalton threw the ball Sunday, I was surprised at Bernard's lack of usage. I think that Jones II and C. Thompson are an upgrade over Freeman IMO.
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