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  1. Kamara feels a lot like DJ in his rookie season. If he stays healthy, he's winning people championships. There's something about 3rd round RBs that makes them so good once they get to the league. Feels like they always have great potential to succeed. I like him more than DJ and Zeke next year. You could talk me into taking him over Bell too.
  2. I still remember the people who said no way they would trade Hunt for Leveon Bell. lol... dum dums.
  3. I won't root for DeMarco Murray to get injured. I won't. But... my fantasy teams REALLY need Murray out of the picture lol.
  4. I got mad when he drafted in the 5th round before I could get him. Turned out to be a huge blessing lol
  5. You should do what I do and put Sammy Watkins on your Do Not Draft list for the rest of his career. You'll feel better
  6. Saints have the Falcons twice in the playoffs. This guy could win you a league if he's getting major touches by then
  7. His Week 1 game tape right here -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yXnxYgV-GG0
  8. It's extremely fair value, but I'm worried about OBJ. It's been 20 days he got hurt. That hit would have been a sprained MCL or worse to basically anyone else. To me he feels a couple weeks away. This sort of injury could linger for the rest of the season. Personally I'd give it another week. If Hunt still looks like a stud, you could go after healthier WRs.
  9. Your WR corp is fairly terrible tbh. I would do it just to get Cooper. Howard won't be the workhorse that people thought, too. You're getting good value. Howard for Cooper would work straight up. So really you're giving up Cobb to take a chance on DJ. Cobb is kinda meh in a 10 team league.
  10. I like Snead and Tyrell more than Parker. I also don't think you would start Ameer Abdullah and Bilal Powell over those RBs in a 10 team standard. Your RB depth is actually pretty good. Unless DJ is out for the entire season, you can survive until he comes back. Your QB is a big concern tho. If you could somehow trade/package them & DJ into Rodgers or Brees, I wouldn't hate it. (Brees has a fantastic playoff schedule)
  11. If I'm a DJ owner in PPR, I go hard after Cohen and pray to the fantasy gods he becomes an every week starter. More upside than the AZ backs for sure. Palmer gonna tank that offense.
  12. I'm in a PPR league with weekly rolling list based on standings. Last place is #1 on waivers. I had a poor Sunday, but I still have a chance to win my matchup. However, if I bench my Monday players I'm locked into having the lowest score of the week. But obviously I'll take the L in my record. This is also a money league... and I'm commish. But it's not cheating, right?! I'm not colluding with anyone or changing ANY settings. I'm doing what's in the best interest of my team to win the championship. Lose the battle, win the war, you know? Normally I would not ever do thi
  13. My leagues have weekly rolling waivers based on record. Worst is #1. And I'm thinking about benching my Monday players just to get him.
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