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  1. I think that's because I've followed Batum for his entire career and recognize that he's still not playing anywhere near where he could be right now simply because he's having to do so much on the floor for the Blazers this year. George, on the other hand, seems like he's playing to his potential. Both still have lots of room to improve, but if Batum and George are playing on a similar level right now despite Batum producing nowhere near his 100%, that's what makes me think Batum is much better. I love George a lot as well; I started following him after many people thought he'd be the dark hor
  2. It's just my opinion so take it for what you will. I'm not going to question that Batum's defense this year isn't as good as George's. Portland literally has no depth whatsoever, their team defense isn't as great as Indiana's, and Batum has a lot bigger of a burden than George does. It's not surprising at all that Batum's effort on the defensive end has been lackluster this season. But when considering their defense on a fair playing field, I think Batum's defense is better. You can say that George is only 22 and locking up elite scorers, but Batum was doing that when he was 20. In fact, not
  3. You are correct, and again, it's probably another product of Batum receiving such an increase in his workload this season. The kid's playing 8.6 more minutes than he did last season, and is relied on by Portland for so many things, so it's tough for him not to get fatigued with such a burden. Batum was shutting down Lebron (and Kobe, Wade, Johnson, and many other premier offensive players) as early as his rookie year; this year, the Blazers simply can't afford to have him put so much energy into that area of the game considering their practically nonexistent depth. George's defense is like
  4. I never said George was a bad defender. I have watched him play, and he definitely is solid at the end of the floor. However, Batum is on a whole different level. He's one of the few players in the league that I've watched who can seemingly shut down the game's premier offensive players without an effort. To be fair, his defense has not been up to his par this season most likely due to a heavy workload, but I'd definitely take Batum's defense ahead of George's.
  5. Paul George has the tools to be a lot more of a focal point of a team's offense, while Batum is one of those do-it-all Swiss Army knives that championship teams covet. Not factoring in roles, I think Batum is clearly superior. As far as raw talent goes, Batum is more athletic and fundamentally smarter. He is a better passer, has a silkier shot, and is one of the defensive elites in the league. George is younger and a better rebounder, but that's pretty much it. George is definitely going to develop into the better offensive player, but I'd take the far more well-rounded Batum over George any d
  6. He's not playing too aggressive out there right now. A lot of players look dispirited though; both teams are playing decent offense, but the results are quite depressing.
  7. How does this guy manage to get blocked by Brandon Bass? Does physics even allow that? What just happened?!?!?
  8. See above. I'm not saying we're going to be seeing the 20+ ppg West again, but I think he's in line for a solid "bounce back" season of sorts around 17-18ppg.
  9. I think the elite PG effect is being overblown to an extent. We certainly won't be seeing West putting up 21ppg ever again, but he's not a lame duck, either. Last April, he put up 15.2ppg, and proceeded to put up 15.3ppg in the postseason. He shot a combined 49% over that stretch. Without Granger, the offensive burden is not passed onto one single player. The Pacers have a very balanced offensive attack, meaning that each starter will have to step up and fill the void Granger leaves behind. If West was able to regain form to the 15ppg range by the end of a lockout season, I'm fairly confiden
  10. I'd actually argue that it's David West's team. He has the experience, and certainly is no slouch on the offensive end, either. Personally, it's a lot easier to see West averaging 18 points a game than George at this point.
  11. This guy is flying way up my cheat sheets. There is no way Granger is going to make it through this season, and he's the only guy in George's way from really doing something impactful.
  12. I also had the same question. There's so many more variants to fantasy baseball than other fantasy sports. I don't want to hijack this thread, but as someone who's been coming from fantasy basketball/hockey/football (I've played h2h, lineup locks weekly in all of them), what kind of league should I be aiming for in fantasy baseball? h2h seems to be a lot more luck based in fantasy baseball, since those meager games you get from pitchers pretty much decide all of your pitcher categories. It also seems much more hands-on as I haven't been finding many lineups-locking-weekly leagues, which mean
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