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  1. Well Tatis is injury prone so yes hindsight is actually 20/20 in this case. This specific injury has been recurring for years now so yes I think it's safe to say Padres definitely took a huge risk on this guy (stating the obvious).
  2. I want to understand what analytics say Brosseau should start over Lowe today though? Elieser Hern√°ndez is a horrible RHP.
  3. Twitter. Follow all of the best journalist. If it matters to you to having them the quickest, you can set up SMS alerts. Great tool.
  4. People are so caught up on his playoff performance being a fluke, that they completely ignored everything else he's done up until then. Good thing for those who really wanted him.
  5. Projection probably has something to do with him not ever reaching 400 ABs in his career. The only projection (on Fangraphs) that has him for less than 450 is ZIPs. All other systems have him for 470+. He's not a symbol of health and has always sucked vs lefties so I would argue projection systems are being optimistic. He definitely has to prove more to warrant better projections. Note: I'm personally high on Winker, especially after how good he hit lefties last season.
  6. Mejia had a lawsuit against them that he dropped. He admitted that BLA never deceived him and that he was happy with their agreement. He even agreed to pay their legal expenses after realizing he was wrong and just trying to breach his contract. It's not too good to be true, BLA is taking on a lot of risk for a huge price. In Tatis' case, they never gave him "free" money, they purchased a portion of his future earnings.
  7. Agree. Whatever the amount was that he got from BLA, it's life changing money for his family in the Dominican Republic. Smart of him to secure their future. Sure looking backwards it was a bad investment, but there was 0 guarantee he would've even made it to the bigs. I'm almost surprised more players don't do this, considering that you don't owe anything back if you don't make it to the big leagues.
  8. Note: he's been killing it since AA in 2018. Not just this season. So don't be afraid to buy from someone trying to sell high.
  9. League going on third year, very fun & active group of guys to play with. We talk & joke A LOT so please be prepared for that (some guys join and get annoyed, so if that's not your cup of tea please don't join). We use GroupMe for chat, and you must join GroupMe. Key notes about league: -League has a $50 entry fee + Fantrax premium fee. Payouts are $330/$150/$60/$60 -It is a Head-to-Head points league (please see league constitution & Fantrax link for exact scoring) -League is very competitive from top-to-bottom, and we strive to keep it that way Here is le
  10. Guys that aren't even a fraction of the hitter that Bregman is are hitting 30 HRs. Should have no problem hitting 30-35, and no one is expecting 40.
  11. He hit 20 HR in 80 games in AA/AAA. It is a lot more naive to believe that trashcans gave him power. He can (and likely will) regress as his profile says. But if you are letting him go past the 2nd round because of this whole cheating thing, I have a bridge to sell you. This guy is a great baseball player.
  12. Have to assume they will be all in on Lindor, Donaldson, and Ozuna. Possibly even Bumgarner or Ryu.
  13. I'm really really surprised people still use anything other than Fantrax. Hands down best platform out there. They'll even give you a free year of premium if you ask them on Twitter.
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