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  1. He got his rind back. All NOLA needs is that hot lather and he's butter. Better hop on this gravy train boyos, because this thing has biscuit wheels....
  2. His swing seems effortless. Almost like hes swatting flies....
  3. Spotted cows are out. Thanks guys.
  4. I would try to get more for Albies, as Ads said. Thanks for the help in mine.
  5. I'd stick with Beni. Whit is good but Benintendi will put together a nice season in the end.
  6. Team below. My pitching hasn't panned out all that well this year, looking for advice. Will help in return.
  7. His curve and location were on. He was gassed from K'ing so much today. ACE.
  8. He is still seeing the ball but maybe being too picky. Like Moncada was last year.
  9. A little wild today but was missing a lot of calls. Each inning was a different inning of control for him. Hot and cold all game. Not too worried.
  10. He seems to be sacrificing average for power. Could be an easy fix if hes worried about average.
  11. Another moon shot. 452 ft. Based on his numbers this far, is this the breakout we have been waiting for? Anyone have any insight under the hood?
  12. No, Frankie has always been built like a brick ****house. Especially his legs.
  13. His curve was the usual 78mph and on. He had a great line going into the 7th. Overreaction thread...
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