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  1. Rivers @ Arrow head??? Over Rodgers? You fools crazy
  2. Take the future first ballot HOFer in his prime. Also a must win game
  3. Semis. PPR league post link will help in return 100%
  4. Baltimore is in “must win” mode and Woodhead has been practicing for 2 weeks. I don’t see them holding him back
  5. The difficult schedule is a positive in my eyes. Mack will be in there during catch up mode
  6. Dropping Mack seems absurd to me. Granted my team sucks, but I won’t even think of dropping him. He is the colts only weapon outside of TY
  7. Time for the pats to trade for Jordy Garapolo for Jordy and Blake Martinez
  8. Good news- great game, couldnt ask for more Bad news- Looks like he gets injured after every tackle
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