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  1. Yes I understand your point of view. He is still 21 though so there is room for improvement in pretty much most areas. He may be stronger with more stamina now, who knows. All I am saying is that he has the potential to improve. Also maybe addition of JRich can help him to catch a breath defensively. We'll see.
  2. His rookie season avg are 42.7%fg and 71.3% ft. Last season; 46.3fg% and 75.8%ft. I think he can increase both these percentages this year too with better shot selection (especially 3 points which went down after rookie year). I mean he has the ability to hit at least 80% of FTs if you ask me. If this scenario happens, that should put him in top 5 easily.
  3. I can say that you did good. Other teams did ok. Not bad for each side depending on needs I believe.
  4. 9cat H2H league. I mean Jackson side seems obvious right now but Sac might start giving Hield 30+ minutes after the break. What are your thoughs? Which side would you pick? No punt category btw. I may be punting assists unintentionally lol
  5. I am the league leader in my 16team league and a lock to make the playoffs. I wanna keep stashing one of these guys but can't really choose. Allen seems the better option but what you do think about these 2 guys' ROS outlook? 9cat btw.
  6. Towns for sure. He is a given DD.
  7. I think you can't get these guys by giving up an injured player (i.e. Gobert). I mean the owner must be giving up little value even if there is a IL. You can of course try 1 and 3 but I don't see a chance if your league is competitive. However, if you try 2nd one and gets accepted; you will have a punt point team but you will be strong in assists, rebounds, blocks and FG department which is not a bad build I guess. I would take it. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/684281-warrenkanter-vs-brogdontobias-whir/
  8. Well, Houston plays fast enough for CP3 to have similars stats to last year. I would not wait for Kawhi if you don't have a IL spot to wait. Never trust a spur in fantasy leagues http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/684281-warrenkanter-vs-brogdontobias-whir/
  9. Looks like a good deal because Teague also has a good upside with assists and steals. I am not high on Demarre for rest of year but he has value now. If I were you, I would take the deal, drop Lamb and then try to trade Carroll and Thaddeus for a better player. (try to get a mid rounder) Thaddeus' value is gonna go down for sure.
  10. Do you have a IL spot? If so, you might wait but if not I don't believe he can play full minutes until after all star break. He also won't play in B2Bs for a while. There is no way Chi risks him. If Sac wouldn't have a stupid roster usage, I would recommend Hield and if healthy I would recommend Seth Curry over Dunn but right now keep Dunn.
  11. It is really close IMO but I like Porzi side better. I think Porzi will finish higher than PG and Horford higher than Adams. It comes to the point of BroLo vs Noel. Both of these guys' teams have nearly no incentive to play them actually. BroLo will be a UFA and I don't think Lakers move any needle for him. Instead they will go after PG, Lebron etc. Why boost his value when you can play younger guys on your team? Noel might play down the stretch when they shut down Nowitzki which Dallas definitely will. They are going nowhere this year. Porzi side
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