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  1. He's the kind of guy that can help you win a championship, especially in big leagues or AL only leagues. He's not the stud that propels you over the top. But he's the vanilla guy you get with a good adp that has a low cieling but a high floor. He's Melky Cabrerra all over again. Plug him in , get above average production. Use earlier draft picks on high ceiling guys.
  2. Spring training stats mean nothing. having said that I took a flier on him with my last pick in an AL only draft. Hes currently behind Cruz and Healy for significant playing time. If either of them gets hurt or just plain sucks then yes, he will get his chance. Thinking Cruz is due for injury this year is not necessarily bad strategy (i'm not wishing an injury on the guy, but only recently has he been able to string a few seasons without injury together. Plus I believe he is 38 this year).
  3. 1 game in and all the I told you so's have come out of the woodwork. Two thoughts A) there are 15 more games and b ) BB can't be happy with how the offense performed last night. As I took Burkhead with the very last pick in my draft I can be a bit more patient.
  4. Picked him up as my WR4 /Flex player and frankly I couldn't be happier. He's on the bubble but I'm hoping an improved run game will take pressure of Bortles and lead to more consistent success for Robinson. There's enough upside in Robinson to draft him at his ADP. Our league was so sour on him I got him in the 6th round. That's seems a bit crazy to me.
  5. I sincerely hope the Jets front office isn't as inept as the Browns. I also hope you aren't insinuating that Forte is as inept as Osweiller. Of course Forte is not the future of the Jets. The Jets have no future. If it was me, I would play Forte till he either breaks or shows enough that teams desperate for a real running back (ie philly, baltimore, packers, lions) will take on his contract.
  6. If i'm not mistaken Eddie Lacy's last good season was 2014.
  7. Not sure why this year will be different from last year. Henry looked just as good in the preseason last year as he does this year. Washed up at 29? Seems unlikely.
  8. Forte is not getting cut. If they are paying him 4 million either way (cutting him does not take anything off of the cap) then they will keep him. He might get traded basically for nothing to dump his contract but he's not getting cut AND if he's not getting cut he's starting until he breaks. Why? I'll give you 4 million reasons why.
  9. Toronto is a hitters park. (As are most of the AL east. )
  10. I'm pretty sure this has no impact on his call up date.
  11. Is this guy likely the first callup for the White Sox? Has anyone been following him in the minors?
  12. Never, ever underestimate Don Cooper.
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