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  1. Having watched most of Arizona's offensive possessions this year, here's my take: - Kyler Murray has some combination of a low football IQ, poor vision, and a lack of confidence in the accuracy of his passing. - The result of this is that Arizona tends to run a "first read" offense. Kyler Murray looks to one - possibly predetermined - receiver and if that guy isn't open, he looks to scramble. - Relatedly, Murray has a habit of not letting routes develop. Let's say Hopkins is his first read. If Hopkins doesn't have massive separation in the first 2 seconds, Murray starts t
  2. My biggest pet peeve is when people talk about "cancer" as if it is an uniform disease. In reality, some cancers are imminently curable with near 100% five-year survival, while others are death sentences. These are biologically different diseases, involving different genes, involving different types of tumors and parts of the body. There is wild variance in disease progression, symptoms, treatment, affected area, diagnosis, prognosis, etc. Mentioning cancer generally communicates about as much information as saying "this guy is a survivor of a virus," when that virus could be the com
  3. It's pretty clear you have an axe to grind with certain posters in this thread. That's fine, but you should keep it to yourself and not let it bleed into your fantasy analysis. The obnoxious little asides like "those of us who are reasonable" really undermine any points you are making. Unlike the majority of your posts (which are really quite good), you use a lot of words here to say very little and mostly beat up strawmen. Derrick Henry was drafted in the mid-late 1st round this year. He was not, in the vast majority of drafts, drafted over PPR studs like Kamara or McCaffery.
  4. He's mocking the "BuT hEnRy GeTs No ReCePtIoNs" crowd. "Take away Henry's game winning TD" is the big giveaway you're dealing with sarcasm ^^
  5. Murray is not Aaron Rodgers. He does not trust his arm and won't "force" balls to receivers. That and Kingsbury likes to get cute.
  6. Murray is too short to see 10 yards ahead of him (unless receiver is 15 feet wide open), so has to let his guys go downfield for better visibility
  7. Murray looking real mediocre against one of the league's worst secondaries.
  8. His arm is OK. Murray’s big issue is that he doesn’t let routes develop. He gives up on his first read too quickly and generally doesn’t read the defense well. I just think the guy plays scared, maybe because he’s undersized and doesn’t want to get hit. He’s very fidgety in the pocket. And I just hate how overly conservative he is. He won’t trust his arm unless he has a huge window. Somewhat compensates for his low IQ by forcing broken plays with his feet. But damn. Not an impressive QB, despite the tools.
  9. Having watched every Cardinals game this season, Murray has to be the most overrated players in the NFL. Good runner, mediocre thrower, big ego, and dumpster IQ. He looks his usual self today, but sadly the media will blame a bad game on his shoulder so they can keep the MVP hype.
  10. Henry is the 3rd ranked RB in .5 PPR. Basically every fantasy RB is "touchdown dependent" (at least in the way you are invoking it), with the exceptions of Kamara and McCaffrey (who cost most the #1 pick and is hurt) in PPR.
  11. Maybe I have too much faith in NFL execs, but I doubt the Bucs would have signed Brown if they thought this incident had a significant chance of resulting in a suspension (it’s confirmed they knew about this prior to signing). That absolutely would have been part of their due diligence as a suspension would be a PR disaster. People’s real concern should be that AB needs an injury to be anything more than a flex player. Still great for a “free” pick up, but the WR1 hype train is laughable and obnoxious.
  12. I am a little surprised with these takes regarding Fuller losing huge value if he were to move to Green Bay. Let's be clear: Fuller is not a target hog. Since his 0 target game in Week 2 (which I have generously excluded), Fuller has had 37 targets. That's about 7 targets per game. Good, but not elite. Fuller's value is that he is extremely efficient with his targets. He runs a lot of deep routes, has exceptional speed and big play ability, and is Houston's go-to option near the redzone. I am surprised this comparison has not been brought up more often, but in real lif
  13. (1) Henderson has been one of the most efficient backs this year. He's been consistently graded by PFF in the Top 3 for most of the season He leads the league in first down runs. (2) Henderson has about the same draft capital as Akers. Akers was late second; Henderson early 3rd. (3) As with (1), Henderson has outperformed Akers thus far. Combined with the fact that Henderson has a year more experience, there's no reason for the Rams to go away from him. (4) This is a bit of a distorted narrative. Yes, McVay made some coachspeak statement about getting A
  14. Dear Arizona, DeAndre Hopkns, the wide receiver who Seattle could not guard in the first half, is still a member of your football team. Kindly throw him the ball. Yours Truly, Rainy
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