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  1. He has a 45 inch vertical but if his entire role is going to be camping out at the 3 point line and spot up shooting, then he might as well be Kent Bazemore He's like a ferrari you only use to drive to the grocery store on the weekends
  2. The good news is that Curry is gonna have high usage all year and should rack up counting stats because no one else on the warriors can create a shot to save their life The bad news is that Curry's probably not averaging more that 30 mpg from all the blowouts and garbage time this team seems destined for
  3. I would much rather he be the primary ball handler and scorer on the 2nd unit, than to be reduced to an offball 3d type next to KD and Kyrie. Unless you're a Klay/Ray Allen level spot up shooter, a wing playing between two ball dominant superstars is a recipe for fantasy irrelevance
  4. I'm facing his owner this week and as much as I hope he's gonna be on a minutes restriction, I don't think he will be. It was a broken hand, not tendon or legs. There's no reason why he wouldn't have kept up with conditioning work and doubt he needs to work his way back into game shape. Maybe his shot or handle will be off/rusty, but it's Steph so doubt it. Good news for you guys I guess
  5. Lauri is probably on mins restriction, as is wcj, so it's possible that young gets 30 minutes for the next couple games, but I wouldn't count on anything besides specialist streamer level production anymore. Opj in the mix again too, so that usage void is closing Might be worth it to hold on for a few more games to see how cautious bulls are with their young starters minutes or if they're leaning into flat out tank, but if that was the case you'd think they wouldn't have tried to bring these guys back within their projected recovery timelines
  6. Lol I drafted him relatively high and was on verge of dropping him on week to week basis, until he strung together a 2-3 game productive streak to keep me hanging on. If I wasnt punting fg pct I might have dropped already, because his bad nights really hurt you there with no positives in other categories I had an ir spot and got lucky with no other major injuries so I've held on to him this whole time, but I dont have super high hopes for him coming off a groin injury and out of condition/probably on a minutes restriction and the bulls having nothing to play for besides lottery balls rig
  7. Drafted Harden Westbrook and Cov. This is the only time I've owned 3 starters on 1 team, and they all look like they're gonna finish the season as top 20 value. Not only do they not get in the way of each others production, but they're actually better together Meanwhile Tucker and Gordon also have value as streamers/deep league guys This rockets small ball is a dream set up for fantasy production.
  8. Is it just me or has there been a flood of random must own hot pickups over the past week with all these injury announcements? Simmons reevaluated in 2 weeks, but all signs pointing to him being out for a month or more which is just in time for fantasy playoffs for most people I would've thought Josh Richardson was the prime candidate to soak up guard minutes and shots, and Milton would be splitting off guard mins/touches with Korkmaz , but J Rich has been shooting like **** since coming back. I still think he's going to get it going once he gets his legs back, and it doesn't look l
  9. its the knicks, but still think its safe to say that its been a fit issue and he's not just old and washed Embiid timetable up in the air until they confirm degree of sprain, but given what we know about embiid and injuries, I think we get productive horford back for at least 2 weeks Even if its not a major sprain, hopefully that gives Horford enough of an opportunity to establish some kind of rhythm and role. if not, then just hold til embiid comes back and never draft again as long as he's on this sixers team that doesn't know what to do with him
  10. lol with fantasy bball you either gotta get lucky with injuries and a couple late round breakout steals or be all the way invested into streaming and rotating through random waiver players on hot streaks on a semi-daily basis I've seen guys win championships doing the latter, but they all tend to put way more time into this than most people with a fulltime job can afford to do lol
  11. Any reason to believe Oubre out ROS? I think he's a must own in standard if that's the case. Who else do the suns have at the wing besides Cam Johnson? And is Cam Johnson a relevant player?
  12. Was on the verge of dropping this guy Still waiting for update on Embiid MRI/injury, and with Simmons already out they have every reason to get him back on the floor if they can, but given Embiid's history you gotta think he's at least going to be out a week.
  13. lol this was basically a 95% probability even before the formal announcement, its not like a guy randomly got a season ending injury in game and a guy caught you slipping the minute it happened At very least, not a guy you leave an open trade offer on if you can't stand the risk of losing your guys for nothing. You live and learn
  14. well glad I passed on that Honestly, all things considered things coulda gone a lot worse with Love and even if he's putting up mediocre production, at least he's putting up something and playing games
  15. I'm legit thinking of doing a sell low-buy low for Kyrie. It'd be a no brainer if I wasn't 95 percent sure Kyrie is out ROS while I'm only 85% sure Love is gonna get shut down
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