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  1. I went batter heavy as always. Usually a safe bet. Here are guys I can't start right now: Mookie Springer Kyle Lewis Ketel Marte Yordan Alvarez 🤦‍♂️
  2. He is eligible to come off IL July 15th. At least that's what it says on fantrax. Maybe that's meant to be their estimated return date though because that's over 90 days away 🤔
  3. I agree about the empty speed comment above. Not worth it in a shallow league. I cut Tavares in my 10 teamer. I'd go with Mancini. I think you need to grab both Melancon and Diego. I'd drop Diekman and Montero. Help here?
  4. 10 team h2h league, 6x6 with OPS. This would be my end of bench player as I went super batting heavy. I drafted Austin Riley late as a breakout hopeful in a stacked lineup, but I really had no business drafting a 4th third baseman. I've been trying to move one without luck. I've got an open OF slot in my lineup because Springer and Lewis are on IL. If I swapped Riley with Vaughn a nice benefit is he's OF eligible so I can go ahead and deploy him right away. He's also 1B eligible so I'd be balancing my lineup by backing up my Olson. My bats: C: Sanchez 1B Olson
  5. Castillo 2 saves in 2 games. I think I gotta hold for now just to see what becomes of this. I think he's their best reliever, it might be worth taking a wait and see approach.
  6. Glad I grabbed Reyes when I did. Diekman was scooped immediately after. I imagine i wasn't the only one trying to decide between the two. Would you hold Castillo? Or toss him back for Wade Davis? My buddy is a huge Royals fan and told me he thinks the closer job will be Wade's. I'm not as confident as he seems to be.
  7. Obviously I meant Cardinals closer for Reyes... different red team. I'm leaning towards Reyes or Diekman, since they are on good teams and have already essentially been named closers (for the time being at least). I kind of regret knee jerk grabbing Castillo, I forgot the Rays don't really stick with one guy (and I even owned Castillo last year). I know that quantity won't make up for my lack of quality when it comes to closers. That said, I'm aiming for highest upside as a priority for my roster moves here.
  8. Rich Rod got the save today. Maybe you're looking for this one?
  9. 10 team league, smaller than usual because we just didn't have as much interest this year. I am willing to hold up to 5 closers as there are 5 available spots for me to play them. My current RPs: drafted: Kimbrel, Neris, Rodriguez grabbed today: Diego Castillo Available options: Alex Reyes: Will start the season as Reds closer, but how long will he hold it? Diekman: Filling in as closer for Rosenthal, can he keep the job? Jake McGee: Presumptive top choice to close for the Giants, but will this be a closer by committee situation? Gregory S
  10. They announced him as the closer.
  11. I got him so late it was basically free. I'm willing to see how things go, otherwise he's basically just the first in my many C streamers this year.
  12. Can we start a Kamara victim support group? That game ruined Christmas.
  13. Carr sucks. Didn't even look Waller's way when he was wide open half the game last night. The Raiders and Waller would be better off with Mariota.
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