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  1. Can we start a Kamara victim support group? That game ruined Christmas.
  2. Carr sucks. Didn't even look Waller's way when he was wide open half the game last night. The Raiders and Waller would be better off with Mariota.
  3. My opponent had Kamara so I need to shoot for the moon. 1. Pick my RB2: Zeke Elliott, Antonio Gibson, Pollard 2. Pick my flex: Mark Andrews, Russell Gage, one of the RBs from above My opponent has lamar jackson so I'm worried Mark Andrews doesn't give me enough upside to overtake his lead, but under normal circumstances I'd be playing Andrews here. Now I'm leaning Gage and hoping for a big stat line in a high scoring game.
  4. The matchup is too sweet to sit him. There should be plenty to go around.
  5. OP jinxed this man Still hoping against all odds that he'll start against his old coach this week, but do I actually think it's going to happen? Nope.
  6. Never would have expected I'd be considering benching Zeke Elliott in the finals, but I guess it's come to this. 0.3 ppr Elliott/Pollard vs San Francisco Edwards vs Jax Michel @Mia Ahmed vs NE Who do I roll with?
  7. Wish they would just rule him out so we could start Pollard confidently.
  8. He reached that 2nd TD over the goal line to win my matchup and this is how I've felt since.
  9. I'd be fine rolling with the Seahawks. Yes it lowers your ceiling a bit but this is a great spot.
  10. Half ppr. Do I stick with hunt against the ravens or pivot to the dolphins starter today?
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