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  1. just curious.. is anyone looking to sell high on him? does he have any threat to his position once the other jag rb's come back and mix in?
  2. is he a drop now that ayton is back? might consider picking up ibaka or dedmon thats on my wire..... hm
  3. Embiid. Love Donovan but embiid is alone the best player on the floor for the sixers
  4. In a 14 team, 9 cat. Should I take the deal? I get oubre/bagley
  5. Outlook ROS? I know bagley is out but it seems like he’s always “going to lose value” once Holmes/bagley is healthy but seems unlikely. Gonna pick up
  6. that trade seems pretty fair. i dont think wiggins will keep this up ROS and graham punts FG. To me, I would do that trade, Plus. 10 teams, you waiver should be looking pretty good to replace 2.
  7. I was offered Brodgon + Oubre Jr + Bagley for my Shai + Capela... im more on the side of reject but what do yall think?
  8. anybody holding him with confidence? how does his outlook look ROS? considering dropping TT for hachimura....
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