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  1. They aren't going to rush any of their prospects. He will get plenty of starts in AAA before getting the call.
  2. No chance he's up this year.
  3. There's really no need to start his clock this year. The Sox also probably won't be playing for anything in September, so there really isn't any reason to bring him up in September. Finally, they are going to try to keep his innings down. They aren't going to rush him while in rebuild mode.
  4. I get a Glasnow 2.0 in the making type feeling. Elite stuff, awful control, high k's, way too many walks. Maybe throw 96-97 and try throwing with more control, rather than throwing 102 just to throw 102. I still have high hopes for him, but his control is very concerning.
  5. Giolito brutal again. 4ip 3h 3er 4bb...
  6. He's FAR from "smallish" lol. Really sounds like you know nothing about him.
  7. "This one, this one right here.  This was my dream, my wish, and it didn't come true.  So I'm taking it back, I'm taking 'em all back."

  8. They took some liberties with that one, huh? He of the .270/.349/.344 career line in now his 4th season (none above AA). Why on earth would they move the stud prospect and not shuffle the JAG to the other position? I've never heard Mateo is a butcher in the field or anything like that... so what would motivate them to move him to a less valuable position? They obviously view Wade better defensively. At the same time they probably view both as their future MI.
  9. Lots of work/time ahead of him, but the velocity, feel for pitching, and especially the easy delivery are impressive at this age. He kind of has a bit of the twist at the waist Felix Hernandez (who I clearly watch a lot of, Go Ms) does. So, after saying temper expectations, I've invoked Felix Hernandez for a kid already drawing Pedro comparisons. Red Sox, Yankees, and Dodger prospects often draw an extra bit of hype, but Espinoza warrants it. I was thinking more Felix than Pedro as well. Pedro because of his size and the electricity on his pitches. Felix is a much bigger human than Espin
  10. His progress is going to be fun to watch. He has a chance to be truly special.
  11. Let's leave this thread open for a few weeks, and then delete it, never to speak of Maitan again until he signs.... The secret can't spread any further...
  12. He's a goldmine when he makes the bigs. SS eligibility who will lead the AL in steals. Das gold.
  13. Was just about to make a thread on this guy. Sick numbers so far at high-A; 32 ip, 1.69 ERA, 0.84 WHIP, 50 k's, 6 bb's
  14. Hitting .135 with zero homeruns and 27 k's in 94 plate appearances. Low-A
  15. Hey Ray. I never went down Ray. You never got me down Ray.

  16. Hey Ray. You never got me down Ray. You never got me down.

  17. Hey Ray. I never went down Ray. You never got me down Ray.

  18. 15 sb's in 14 games. No power to speak of, but at least hitting .296 with a .367 obp.
  19. Hey Ray, Ray. You never got me down Ray. You never got me down.

  20. Gotta block the morons and trolls. Email me for an updated list.

  21. ...yes? They're getting results on their investment. You can't say it was a great contract right now, but they're for sure getting results by having him. So if they finish 1-161 and he hits .109 did they still get results? Please stop. Go buy some futures stocks with a 2 year delivery date and then let me know how much day 1 means on investment. That's besides the point. The comment was that they are getting a return from their investment. Did they not get a return in the first game from him? I'm pretty sure 2-4, 2 hr's and 5 rbi's is getting something out of the signing. They've
  22. Interesting prospect with tons of upside. He's played fairly well given his age over the last few years. Last year he broke his finger and missed a good portion of the season. He has an 80 speed grade from fangraphs and stole 49 bases in 64 games in 2013. That's a lot.... And he supposedly has some nice pop as well. So if that develops, look out. Turns 20 in June. Defensively he's legit, so he should stay at SS which really boosts his upside. Swing looks nice. It's quiet and simple with a short stride. No glaring issues I can see. Someone who could definitely shoot up lists this
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