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  1. Was there any hint that Washington was going to flat out bench Pryor?
  2. As a pats fan I am putting a lot of stock in what Mike Lombardi said about Burkhead being the fantasy player to own coming out of this game. Ideally you have a week to see what the usage is before having to rely on any of the NE RB's.
  3. WTF...why is batting 8th and freaking franklin and sogard are in front of him?
  4. He is throwing gas with a ton of movement on the fastball
  5. Any thoughts on the lack of steals? Do you think he will hit 20 SB again this year?
  6. I don't know that I would start him this week but this could be a great preemptive pickup in case he does well against that terrible run d and earns a bigger role going forward.
  7. Any chance the assumption of rational coaching happens this weekend under the Jim Bob Cooter? Seems like he has pushed all the right buttons for this offense since he took over half way through last year.
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