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  1. probably his shoulder again, since that was what was hurt in spring training.
  2. Trade sucks, but we knew it was coming. Going to be a long couple of years with that offense, but the tribe usually rebound rather quickly.
  3. No one should ever expect a 30-40 burger. That is just flat out ridiculous.
  4. Too much of this “if the call is called a certain way you need irrefutable evidence” BS
  5. What a bogus call. Even more bogus that the lineman didn’t jump on it cause he though he was down
  6. Man, Eagles going backwards on penalties. Especially after a good Sanders run.
  7. Lol was just about to say that. But they’ll probably go to the Broncos charger game. 😂
  8. Announcer saying the same thing. Eagles have abandoned the run
  9. What happened to the RPO I know they are down, but they aren’t even trying that and Hurts doesn’t have time in the pocket whatsoever.
  10. It’s just cause they are in the playoffs or are playing for the playoffs. I agree most people want to watch all the games cause of fantasy— not just football.
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