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  1. Just offered Ja + Wood for Luka and Ja+Wood+Murray for Luka + Horford We'll see what happens...
  2. Agreed, thanks Simon. I feel like Ja + Clint for Luka would be fair, and pretty good for the other team to shore up that front court. Clint should be back within a week or 2, but I fear an early shut down. Maybe I could get something back like Horford? So Ja + Clint for Luka + Horford...or I can just keep it as a 2 for 1.
  3. Can't go against Shake coming off that game. I know Seth tore it up too, but I think ROS is much rosier for Shake. Curry will resort back to being an appealing streamer now and then, where as I see Shake being a more consistent contributor. Help with mine? Thanks!
  4. *Sorry Mods, posted this in wrong thread. I'm a bit rusty, apologies 😅 I'm the GM of my fantasy basketball league. This is a 9 cat league (DD instead of TOs, cats in signature) I own Ja Morant, who my friend is obsessed with. Said owner has Luka and is willing to deal him in a package for Ja. I'm struggling with putting one together. I really want to make this a fair trade for both sides, but I'm hesitant to shake up my team when I have a good thing going (2nd place knocking on 1st). His frontcourt seems a little weak sans Whiteside. I think Ja/Wood for Luka and something else
  5. That’s why I’m upset. It’s clearly a bad trade guys. If the guy who traded peanuts included Duke Johnson jr over Abdullah I wouldn’t complain. But that’s awful. It’s half pt ppr too.
  6. I think it was collusion. The guy who traded Julio is the league GM’s best friend and hasn’t even updated his roster yet. He’s shown throughout the year that he doesn’t care that much.
  7. Ok Guys. So there was a questionable trade made by our league GM. I'm not asking if this trade should vetoed, or if it's bs. Because there is no veto system. GM already pushed the trade, so the screens below is what the teams currently look life after the trade. All I'm asking is does this trade help both teams, and make sense? (Best FA's below) *Best Free Agents Available: Agholor, Darkwa, Witten, James White, Theo Riddick, Derrick Henry, Ty Williams, Dion Lewis Team 1 trades: Adam Thielen, Ameer Abdullah, and John Brown Team 2 t
  8. I'm definitely throwing him out there, it's a terrific match up. However, it'll be hard for him to get a W with Iwakuma taking the bump as well.
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