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  1. The Astros thinking is they'd rather have a guy that they can use more often, in games where they're already winning so as to maximize their chance of winning. Rather than a guy who is only going to give them a chance to win one game every 5 days. Also, if Devenski starts then Fiers or some other bum would have to occupy his role, and they don't want that. IMO it's dumb and Devenski should be starting. There are plenty of guys they could acquire that could fill Devenski's current role.
  2. This might be hard to believe, but he's not going to pitch like Kershaw every time....yes, even against the white sox. Clearly he's regressed though because he didn't throw a 2 hit 12 K shutout against them. Good grief. Of course there will be regression, or did we think he would maintain that sub 1 ERA?
  3. I want to believe that for someone who's never been on the DL until now, he should be able to heal faster than expected.
  4. Just wow. Guy has TJS and comes back as Kershaw reincarnated
  5. How in the world does Brad Peacock get a RW blurb, but Devenski doesn't? Would be nice to hear something/anything...still, the discussion here is miles ahead of any RW analysis.
  6. Some horrible ball/strike calls from the ump and it leads to a 3 run HR. Why are we still letting them call balls/strikes? Every damn AB of every game has at least 1 bad call.
  7. No RW blurb since march 1st, and none of the daily fantasy podcasts have said a word about him. Shame on these fantasy "experts". Yahoo still doesn't have a profile pic for him. Is there a more underrated player in baseball? At least his ownership has jumped to over 30%.
  8. Feels like the guy deserves his own thread....so far this season in 2 appearances, 8 IP, 3 H, 1BB, 1 ER, 14 K Pitching in long relief and doesn't get saves/holds, but who cares...he's still very fantasy relevant, and should eventually get some spot starts and depending on how things go, could eventually become a starter full time...although the Astros do seem content to keep him in his current role. Roto leagues with K ratios, he should be must own and parked permanently in RP slot or SP (Yahoo) whenever possible. Really, he's worth owning in every league...last season
  9. So his mechanics have changed slightly as well his approach, and he's been eating healthier...I'd be a lot more skeptical if nothing had changed since last year but this is a good sign.
  10. Dude it's two games. Why do I not feel any better...
  11. Finally, the John Danks thread. I've waited too long.
  12. Dodgers making it very clear they aren't going to call him up. That's two perfect opportunities for him to join the club and they aren't going for it.
  13. Rich Hill was just scratched from his start and they will need someone for Monday @ PHI so the De Leon watch is back on.
  14. Ugh is right...if not now for De Leon, then when?
  15. I think Stewart might get the nod before De Leon...he's been one of the best pitchers in the minors this year and has already been a injury replacement call up. Or maybe they both come up if there's no trade and Norris injury is serious...but there's a very good chance that one of Stewart, De Leon, or Urias is part of a package for another SP. In any case, I think both will find their way into a major league rotation very soon.
  16. Give it time, and I'm sure he will be. Not sure that time is this year though
  17. As far as what you would expect from a top pitching prospect, he's been pretty awful since making the jump to AA last year. I'll admit, I only chose to draft/stash him due to the hype of being "the #1 pitching prospect" but honestly, if you can't dominate AA hitters, you can't do it in MLB. He is very clearly not ready. 1.8 WHIP added to his 1.35 WHIP from AA last year - he's done nothing to prove he's ready to be called up this year. Then you have a solid Nats rotation that doesn't look like it's going to change. I really regret stashing him instead of Glasnow, Snell, and a few other guys. Ev
  18. Miles Plumlee went from shouldn't be owned in 20 team leagues to should be owned in all leagues in a week.
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